What About Brian?

  1. Did any of you watch the short season... I thought it would be so predictable, which is kinda was, but I really did like it. The last episode was awful at the very end!! :wtf: :hysteric:
  2. :huh:
  3. ^ No? Did you not watch it...
  4. I only caught a couple of episodes, but saw the finale. You're right - it was very sad when the husband thought his wife was cheating on him and ended up going to that other woman!! :sad:
  5. I liked it too. It is coming back in the fall?
  6. Yep it will be back in the fall!! :cutesy:
  7. YAY! I liked the show, as predicatable as it was. I really like the main guy who played Brian, he was my fav. on 7th Heaven for me too :smile:
  8. I liked the show, and I am glad that it's coming back in the fall. I'll watch anything JJ Abrams does (I think he executive produces it).
  9. Suli, did you watch Felicity?? I still TiVo it to this day.:blush: I just love Ben.

    I missed the last episode of What About Brian!!! I don't know what happened!
  10. Yay, I'm glad it's coming back in the fall. I was pretty hooked:smile:
  11. I didn't know it was coming back, I thought it got canceled. In any case, I LOVE that show. I kept telling everyone to watch it but no one would listen to me :sad: I can't wait to see what happens with Brian & Margarie. It kind of sucks that her boyfriend is being so nice to her because I'm rooting for Brian & her to get together..
  12. Of course! What was interesting about Felicity, for me, was that I grew up with it...her first year of college was mine as well, and my friends and I watched it (through the good times and bad...and I think you know that I'm refering to the "haircut") through our four years of school.

    I've Netflix'd every season last year to re-watch. I'm a "Noel" person all the way though, although Ben was good to look at ;) .
  13. i loved this show! from what i remember it was short-lived, right? i don't expect anyone to answer me since this show hasn't been on the air in a couple of years, but i did like it.
  14. ^yea, it ended after they brought it back from airing a few episodes in the summer. I liked the show, kinda wish it had kept going!