What About Brian

  1. Any of you watch the show? Tonight was the premiere on ABC. I actually really like it so far... I have a feeling I am going to be hooked!!

    I won't spoil any of it for you West Coasters, but we can all talk about it tomorrow if you'd like! :idea:
  2. aww man i saw the 'preview' last night but forgot to watch the new episode tonight. :sad: bummer. i really liked it, though.
  3. I saw the last part of it tonight and it seems to have a lot of potential! It's no Grey's Anatomy yet (for me!) but I'll definitely be checking it out next week.

    If you missed it I think it's on again friday.
  4. I saw the preview. got excited, then forgot to watch it !! :smile:
  5. Yikes! Gotta be on top of it ladies!! Ha jk

    It seems good so far... just a relationship sitcom
  6. Sorry-It competes with 24 and medium...!!!I cant miss those 2 shows....!!!!!
  7. the preview took over Grey's Anatomy after Desperate Housewives.. so my friends & I (that get together every sunday to watch ABC Sunday) decided to boycott the show. lol. how dare they do that to GA! damned the oldest son in 7th Heaven! lol.

    i get irked when Extreme Makeover takes over DH too.. ugh. why can't ABC just be consistent with their schedules dagnamit!
  8. I saw both nights, and I think the jury is still out for me. I watched it because I've will watch anything by JJ Abrams.
  9. What time is it on? I can't miss 24 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. :nuts: I could always TiVo it, though... hmm. Was it good?
  10. i liked it! i'm a big jj abrams fan
  11. I saw the preview Sunday night and the premiere last night. I love it. I'm just happy I have something to watch on Monday night now.
  12. I saw the preview on Sunday night and thought that it was ok. I forgot to watch it last night b/c of 24 and csi: Miami. Is it really good? I have a feeling that it's like "Friends", only more drama and less jokes?
  13. I left the room to do some laundry after Desperate Housewives . . . I came back and my DH was watching it! LOL!
    He said he was really liking it but thought I'd REALLY like it! When is it going to be on from now on?
  14. I haven't watched it yet, but I had it on my Tivo. Wasn't sure I wanted to watch it, but I think I will check it out tonight.
  15. Mondays at 10 on ABC! It doesn't interfere with 24 ladies!!