What about Boulogne for a everyday should bag?

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  1. I still couldnt decide among Tikal PM, Tulum PM, Ravello GM/PM, Eliza, BH, or shall I get a Boulogne, it is 30cm, big enough for everyday wear, but does it look lady?:confused1:
  2. i personally like it, but the SA's and my friend didn't seem to like it as much.
  3. A friend of mine has one and it looks very nice on her. I think it's a very good shoulder choice.
  4. I've seen lady with this bag, it's cute and classy. Not my style just yet..
  5. I think the Boulogne is a very good size for everyday but I don't like how the top canvas along the zipper puffs and looks weird b/c of the way it has to bend (make sense?). I also think the leather pieces (that join the strap to the bag) may be a place that you'll probably touch the bag when you're holding it and they will get dirty. I personally love the BH.
  6. ^^ I agree with addictedtolv
  7. the size, silhouette, and overall general outline of the shape makes it seem like the perfect shoulder bag... i wonder why it isn't as popular...
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