What about a Food and Drink Thread?

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  1. Or you could call it Gourmet, or something. It could be a section to talk about food, wine, restaurants, cheeses . . . . ? Possibly?
  2. we already have a diet and fitness area....
  3. In that section there is a ton about food and drinks!! :flowers:
  4. Maybe a sub-forum about food/restaurants in the Health and Fitness section?

    I found it confusing trying to figure out where to post about something food related. It didn't really seem to fit into Health and Fitness - that forum says it is to discuss how to get and stay healthy. Seems more diet/exercise related.

    I ended up posting it in the General Section and then one of the mods must have moved it to the Health/Fitness section. Which is fine, but I also noticed that there were quite a few other food-related posts that were initially in the General section that were also moved to Health/Fitness. So maybe other people are getting confused by that as well.
  5. I was thinking about a subforum for "What's for Dinner" --- just a thought! I need help lol!
  6. I like this idea! I'm on another forum that has a sub-forum like this, and it's full of relevant threads: cooking shows, bagged lunch and dinner in a pinch tips, a Starbucks thread, ice cream and tuna sandwich praise threads, good wines on a budget, vegan recipes, a directory of local farms, food for when you're sick...

    Besides, would a thread on fudge brownie recipes really belong in the Health & Fitness forum? ;)
  7. done.
  8. Awesome!

    Thanks. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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