What about a compact.......

  1. ....and I'm not talking about a car. :p

    A compact wallet. An Hermes compact wallet that is NOT a Bern. Anything? At all? :shrugs:

    ......just, you know, wondering.........
  2. Yeah! Azap Compact!!!!!
  3. My favorite wallet is the small Dogon. :love: I would love one of those babies!!! :graucho:
  4. A...clap clap clap...Z...clap...clap...clap...A...clap...clap...clap...P...clap...clap...clap...

    A cheer for compact AZAP... : )
  5. This is the zip-around right? With the coin part inside............
  6. The Vertical/Compact Azap is really nice--but holds just a few cards. I love the compact Dogon but the only thing that I didn't like was that I had to fold up my bills as there's no billfold. :sad: Really? No compact Bearn? I like that one too--not the new bulky version that looks more of a French purse style, but the original slim-line...very minimalistic and elegant.
  7. I have the compact Dogon (the red one in my avatar) and it perfectly fits my Q phone. It has a zipped compartment, a compartment for bills, two credit card slots, a compartment in front of the CC slots for additional cards. I really bought it to house my phone but now I really love it! Let me know if you want pix of the interior, Shopmom.

    Shopmom...you will never be done!!!
  9. There is a brand new compact wallet called the Thill. It's of the same line as the card holder and keyholder of the same name.
  10. Very true, KB!!! LOL!!!!

    Sue I would LOVE pics if you get a chance....thank you!

    Perja I don't think I've ever seen the Thill. Do you have any pics too?
  11. Compact? The bearn already seems so tiny to me. :crybaby: How do you get all your stuff in it? Would love to see some pics of this Thill.
  12. Here you go!
    Dogoncompact001.jpg Dogoncompact003.jpg Dogoncompact004.jpg
  13. Sue, better get a Platinum card to match your phone...and make more H purchases:yes:
  14. thanks, Ninja Sue!
  15. Sue, I love it!!! That's my dream wallet!:love: