What a workhorse! Speedy 30.....

  1. Okay, it's been a year since I got my mono speedy 30-this bag is a total workhorse. I have two kids and teach full time, on any given day my bag has my wallet, make up bag, wipes, digital camera, toy cars, etc. I bring it on vacation and can fit even more. This bag is just amazing. Still looks amazing after a year of hard use. Just love it.
  2. Glad to hear she is holding up well! :biggrin:
  3. Omg, this is why I absolutely LOVE my speedy 30!! She gets worked hard and still holds up! Im glad that you put your Louis to good use...
  4. isn't that bag just friggin amazing? it is hands down my favorite too! i would recommend it to anyone looking to get into lv b/c takes a beating and keep coming back for more, all with impeccable taste.
  5. So I bet you have a lovely patina on that bag now. Would you please post a pic of it? I can't wait for mine to patina.
  6. So nice to hear how well it's held up. I have a 25 and it's still just a baby. I am sure I will still be using it in a year and I hope I say the same things you do.
  7. I just bought the Speedy 30 and it is so great to hear that it keeps on going and looking great! Thanks!
  8. I'm so glad to hear it's holding up like that after a year. The Speedy is a classic piece and I'm sure you enjoy it.