What a weekend!!! My little shopping adventure.

  1. Sunday
    went to LV Hotel Vancouver just to have a look around - no sunset blvd in sight, then i ended up at HR LV. i was in luck. the one sunset blvd they have, and its the pomme! just what i was looking for!!! put on hold for the private shopping night on wednesday. $50 gc to be used on the matching pomme belt :heart:

    looking for a birthday gift for my soon-to-be one year old nephew. ended up purchasing a nintendo wii for myself.

    drove to seattle for a little shopping trip. came home with a black monogram shawl, a la folie ring and pink coach dog collar for my little one.

    and now, im tired. what a weekend!
  2. What a great weekend!
  3. great shoppipng weekend!
  4. sounds like an amazing weekend
  5. oh great congrats!!!
  6. Sounds like a great shopping weekend!
  7. congrats on your new purchases!!
  8. wowww you have a fun weekend and great shoppings, get some rest and enjoy your things.
  9. sounds like you had a fantabulous weekend! Now post some pictures! :yes:
  10. congrats. pics!
  11. sounds like you had a good shopping time. post pics of everything when you can.
  12. Glad you had fun!
  13. What a fun weekend. I always love a shopping weekend.
  14. Sounds like you were a busy lady this weekend! I haven't been shopping in a month and I am about to go crazy! I love Coach doggie collars, my doggies have them too! I would buy LV but they chew on them...
  15. ok finally got around to taking pics of the new goodies. so here they are...