What a weekend! 5000 posts, 1 year here and I turn 40!

  1. So many milestones all at once!

    Thanks to Vlad, Megs, our Mods and each of you for everything. I love it here. My wallet doesn't, but oh well!

    CHEERS!! :drinks::party:
  2. Congratulations Little Miss Chatterbox. :P
  3. congrats Pursegrrl!!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Aww, Pursegrrl, you're one of my favorite people on here and I hope you had a FABULOUs weekend!~!!
  6. What a fab weekend!! I hope you had a great weekend to celebrate all this!!!
  7. ahh congrats on the posts, and many congrats on your 40th birthday :smile:
  8. Congrats :party:
  9. Thank you all so much!

    Big huge hugs and a whole lotta postin',
  10. Congrats on both milestones, Pursegrrl
  11. Congrats & Happy Birthday!