What a WEEK! Updated list and it MIGHT be a record!

  1. So, here goes my friends. From last Saturday to this Saturday it RAINED Hermes on tPF!

    Londondolly - 35cm Blue Jean Togo Birkin
    SoCal - 35cm Black Evergrain Birkin w/Gold hw
    JAG - Rouge Vif Mysore Vision Agenda
    Dianagrace - Barenia GM Zip Agenda, Brides de Gala Twilly
    Shoes - Rouge Vif GM Zip Agenda
    Lovehermes - 31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide
    LoLo - a gazillion scarves
    Fopduck - Tohu Bohu twilly, Les Triplets Pouchette
    Coconut - 37cm Rouge H Ardennes Bolide, 31cm Chocolate Trim
    LaVan - 25cm AUBERGINE Mysore Kelly, Grey Alpaca Poncho, 2 scarves
    Ladystara - Scarf (Doigts Fe)
    Amkur - Blu Jean JPG Birkin
    Hermeslady - Carpe Diem pillow
    Shopmom - Vintage 28cm Havanne Porosus Croc Kelly, 4 scarves (Vintage Palefroi, Vintage L'Oisseaux, Pavements, Vintage Les Amazones)
    Japster - Vintage 32cm Meile Croc Kelly, 35cm Rouge Garance Birkin
    Dressage Queen - 32cm Blue Roi Chevre Kelly
    Nathansgirl - Fuschia Ostrich Bern Wallet
    Orchids - 35cm Rouge Vif Chevre Birkin, 35cm Vert Anis Togo Birkin
    Wayfaya - 35cm Natural Sable Fjord Birkin, 2 Constance Belts, 2 Charms/cadenas
    Crazyarmcandy - 35cm Natural Sable Epsom Birkin
    Birkingirl - Black JPG Birkin
    Saracantik - 30 cm Ebene Clemence Birkin, 35cm Chartreuse Clemence Birkin
    Gina_P - 32cm Black Box HAC
    Croissant - Black Clemence Birkin, Colliers de Chien Belt
    Funnyredhed - Rouge Imperiale Garden party
    Pinkish - Black Matte Croc Kelly Clutch, Rouge H Croc Birkin
    Mrssparkles - Rouge H Garden party, Twilly
    HarleyNemma - 32cm Black Box Kelly, Cashmere/Silk Scarf

    ....and what a week it was.....:yahoo:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE :drool: :drool: :drool: DROOOOL!!!!:yahoo:


    WHAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAaaa...I Want to be on the list!!!!!!
  3. HOORAY.. I know I kinda cheated to make it into the list *wink to shopmom*.. But all I can say is WOW, the Hermes GOD has been very kind to the tPF ladies lately.

    Keep up the good work ladies is all that I can say..
  4. Holy Moly! It has been a record breaking week around here!

    Congratulations to everyone! May this be only the beginning of many many more weeks just like this!
  5. Holy ...mother...of .....god........WOW
  6. ....and we still have 8 shopping hours to go!
  7. LOL!
  8. I have a picture of dejected husbands, all over the world, with their heads in their hands, all hope lost.... while women everywhere dance with glee! Those not yet affected are slightly different: husbands trembling in terror, wives shaking with anticipation. Ah, the wonderful world of Hermes!
  9. Lolo....you always crack me up! I will remain for the rest of the day with the image of men trembling while clutching their wallets!
  10. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :yahoo: :yahoo: :amazed: :amazed: :amazed:
  11. LOL you all are funny!! Yes, men hanging heads, women dancing...wee!!! How true...this is an amazing list -- what a happy place to be!! Congrats everyone!
  12. Oh, Shopmom, I just thought I had to say that I caught too some drops of that orange Hermes rain.:wlae:
    Soo, you can add to the list the cashmere shawl and Pegasus cadena lock in gold that I've got this week. :yahoo:
  13. Wow!

    Anyone love to try perfume (unfortunately, I get migraines)??? I have a pile of samples that accompanied my Birkin...
  14. This is so great, I'm so happy for everyone!
  15. You mean it isn't like this every week? LOL!! I'm new here and just thought it rained Hermes on tPFers all the time! Congrats to all the lucky ladies.