what a way to end the work day!

  1. i'm still somewhat steamed so i just have to vent!

    i was off work and on my way to school. dressed in jeans, a short sleeve empire style shirt with a l/s jacket and a scarf around my neck that pretty much covers my whole front.

    one hand i was holding onto my bag and the other shopping bags

    as i was going towards the bart station (it's a SF underground transportation system) this freak of nature out of nowhere goes, "oohh" and lightly touches my boobs! :cursing:

    that's why i described my outfit-- because i was practically covered in layers (under the short sleeve i had another layer, a halter top)

    seriously i was so shocked it took me a second (he was walking by and didn't stop) before i said really loud, "escuse you!"

    i didn't bother to go back and confront because i am scared :s and because i couldn't trust myself not to do anything hysterical once i did confront him.

    i am just so mad because this has never happened to me before...and you know the most ironic thing is? just before, during break at work, i was working on my homework which involved reading Mead's and Nietzsche's works as well as laws regarding sex offenders and the case on Genarlow Wilson!!!
  2. Wow, Ms-Whitney, sorry to hear about that! I take BART & MUNI sometimes, too, and have occasionally met a few MUNI -Looneys. I hate feeling violated, as i'm sure you now feel. I guess the only solace that I can offer is that this person was definitely nutty and wasn't specifically targeting you.

    I can also make you laugh: I was once molested in THE CASTRO! Yes, THE CASTRO! I was walking down the street with my two hot gay friends, when these other two gay men came out of the bar. They both came up to me and grabbed my boobs, then said, "yup, she's real." I was floored! My friends couldn't stop laughing because they caught what I didn't catch--they were checking to see if I was in drag.:p
  3. That's awful! I would have beat him with a shopping bag... LOL
  4. I am sorry that happened to you! You must feel violated! Just calm down, and I really this never happens again!
  5. Ah, gotta love San Francisco public transportation!

    Seriously, sorry this happened to you. I'm sure it would have taken me totally off guard too. You could have probably beat him up with your shopping bags!
  6. WTF...I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Screw that guy...omg now I'm pist. Who the heck does this guy think he is?!?! I would have kicked him in the nuts and said "ohhh"!!!
  7. thanks for the supportive words guys! hit him with one of my shopping bags...or laptop i had that with me.

    TheSnorks! thanks for the laugh.

    i swear if i see this guy the next time i'm downtown i'm going to take handbag_luvr's advice and kick him where the sun doesn't shine!
  8. EW gross people!!! Sorry that happened to you! What a freak.
  9. sorry to hear that about u!
  10. he deserved :boxing: to the face!!!! i cannot believe he did that to you, too bad there wasnt a cop around so you couldve had him arrested...i feel bad for you and hope that never happens again!!!
  11. What an awful thing to happen! So sorry you had to meet such a creep. :s
  12. I am so sorry, I hate public transportation!
  13. What is wrong with people?! That's just sick. I'm sorry this happened to you. ((hugs))
  14. Im sorry that this happened to you. I pray that nothing like this ever happens to you again.:heart:
  15. I completely agree!!!!!! I would have kept kickin' him the nuts till he cried!!