what a way to end the week!

  1. ahhh!!

    something's sitting in my mailbox! i can't wait to go home!

    *stares at clocks twiddling thumbs and toes*

  2. SUSPENSE!! cant wait!!
  3. What is it? hmmm
  4. :whistle:
    Hints please.
  5. ... :hysteric:

    Don't leave us hanging!
  6. what is it??
  7. :graucho:coming..coming..:angel:
  8. :yes:
  9. Come on!!!!! Stop teasing
  10. tell us!!!
  11. Argh.

  12. What is it?!!?!? The suspense...
  13. Well????????
  14. Still waiting!!!!!
  15. girl, what is it!!!!!!!!!?