What a tragic story...

  1. :shocked: :wtf: oh.. poor bosphore.. i couldnt imagine, how could that happen though

    btw karman, i might cry more than just days.. i might got sort of phobia with cutter and stuff after that :Push:
  2. OMG, I can not even imagine.
  3. assuming it was the cardboard shipping box that she sliced open, wouldn't the bag have been inside the LV gift box :huh:? the only way she could have cut into the bag itself was if it had been put on top of the gift box without the dustbag -- and the dustbag would have been cut too, in which case it's eluxury's fault for not putting the bag inside the gift box in the first place.
  4. if her story is true and the bag was outside the lv/elux box. i'd return it to elux as damaged goods.

    I guess then i wonder why you'd be cutting a box in the middle?
    I think most would generally cut the tape and then open the box. And even if its a big brown box and taped over the top, i still think most would cut along the edge and open it.
  5. Must have been a really sharp razor. I still don't see how that could happen.
  6. oh my... I think I'd be so overwhelmed that I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry!

    hmm... reading the other latest responses - that IS weird.. why would you cut the box to open when you'd normally just cut the tape off? good catch/inquisitive thinking for you folks - I was just so shocked by the picture that I didn't even think to question the truth of that story!
  7. ur explanation sounds rationale sandra, i really couldnt get how could that happened?! :shrugs:
  8. Agreed.
  9. ...or anything valuable DUH! although, they could get it repaired by LV themselves. It's not like they'll get much of their money back by selling it torn
  10. I've received new bags from the LV store in Scottsdale that were NOT in boxes, only dustbags (my Lodge GM); I didn't even know bags were shipped in boxes until Valley Fair shipped my Bedford and Noe. My Brentwood from Las Vegas also didn't have a box.

    THAT is a freaking nightmare.... cause I got so excited, when mine arrived that I sliced into my boxes with a razor blade...wow.... I will NEVER do that again...
  11. It's beautiful but it's beyond repair...much worse than restoring a vintage...OMG...I wouldn't know how to deal!
  12. I doubt they can repair the tear but the can replace the entire flap, couldn't they? :shrugs:
  13. Guess she was very anxious to open the box...but then again no point for her to cook up that story...
  14. Oh jesus. I always have that fear with EVERYTHING I cut open...

    i can't even imagine!