what a tease!!!!

  1. so i won an eBay auction for a graffiti speedy earlier this week. (for a great price btw) and i have been anticipating its arrival. i just saw the fedex truck pull up outside, so i ran down the stairs, the door bell rang, and it was a package for my BF. ugh.

    i know that it will arrive soon. i'm going to have all the vachetta replaced, so it will be another 4 to 6 weeks after it gets here before i will truly be able to carry it. i'll be sure to post before and after pics to see his transformation. just wanted to share my story of anticipation. :push:
  2. Congrats!! I had a khaki graffiti speedy and sold it....I regret it. It's a great bag!!!
  3. awww, hehe.. you must have been so excited. It'll come soon!
  4. Too funny...I was expecting a bag today, but it arrived yesterday...funny thing was the postman didn't bother to ring the doorbell...so it was sitting on my doorstep for a few hours at least. Post pics when it comes!
  5. Congrats!
  6. i will for sure. i'm usually not home during the day, so it will probably be sitting on my doorstep too.
  7. sorry to hear that. its been on my wish list for a loooooong time. i'm just not a fan of dark patina, so for years i was searching for one with little patina... but have since given up and decided to just replace all of the vachetta. if only i had come to this decision two years ago!
  8. We want to see before and after pics!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. i will for sure- if he would only get here so i can send him off to paris....
  11. Wow! So envious of you!! A graffiti!
  12. So he finally arrived. :yahoo: He's not in mint condition, but after a makeover in France, I'm sure he'll be beautiful!!!! Here are the before pics:
    lv-graffit-speedy-2.jpg lv-graffit-speedy-1.jpg lv-graffit-speedy-3.jpg lv-graffit-speedy-4.jpg lv-graffit-speedy-5.jpg
  13. awww the bag looks lovely even the patina is nice!! but i'm sure it will look gorgeous as well when he comes back all new again... congrats!!! i love this line!!
  14. aww thanks! i love it too. it was the first lv line that caught my eye before i was into designer fashion. its been on my wish list for years. and i am so happy to now have two piece from the graffiti line.
  15. Oh he's lovely! Congrats and can't wait for you to get him back :smile: