What a sweetie!

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  1. Our 1st year anniversary is today and we've been on a cruise all week so, we haven't been able to shop for a gift. Well, I snuck out yesterday and got him a card and a little something something. He snuck out today and JUST called me from the Coach store! I know what you are thinking- WOO HOO!

    Well, being that it's Easter the Coach store is closed! :crybaby:

    I told him that I was wanting this one purse really bad, but it's not in stores and you can only order it by calling Coach. He said as long as I am ok with waiting and not having it on our anniversary, he will buy it.

    He told me to call and order it and I just did! It's the new Chocolate Medium Carly. It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday!

    WOO HOO! What a sweetie! He said he wanted to get me this big handbag book, but he went to 4 different book stores and no one had it. I will definitely settle for a Coach purse instead!

    So excited! :yahoo:
  2. awwww that is sweet!
  3. You are soooo lucky!! He knows you well!
  4. Oh, that is so sweet! Even if it is closed - just the fact that he went there. Awwwwww - and congrats on your new Carly!
  5. Happy anniversary! Can't wait to see pics of your new gift.
  6. aw that's so sweet ^-^
  7. That is so sweet of him! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

    How was the cruise? I'm sure you guys had tons of fun. :yes:
  8. It was great! We went to Grand Cayman and Calica, Mexico. Our favorite drink is Miami Vice (Strawberry Daquiri and Pina Colada 1/2-one on each side) and we had those all the time. We went to a lot of shows, bought jewelry, took my Coach Multi Stripe Shoulder everywhere. It was nice to relax and have fun at the same time together. Plus the food was incredible! We had sushi everyday for an afternoon snack! Love sushi! This is my 8th cruise and my hubby's 2nd. We will definitely go again. I want to take him to the Southern Caribbean. It's so beautiful and lots to do.

    He is a sweetie! He tries to give me thoughtful gifts and one's that I will love. I've told him that you don't have to put much thought in to it because you can't ever go wrong with COACH...IMO! My birthday is in June, hopefully something good will come out then. :roflmfao:
  9. Congratulations!
  10. happy anniversary!! I LOVE the new Chocolate Medium Carly--great choice!
  11. I too love the Chocolate. What a great present! and, I can't wait for June! :graucho:
  12. Congrats on your Anniversary!
    Congrats on your new bag. :yahoo:
  13. Awww... Ash, Happy Anniversary! He's too sweet! I totally respect men who go into a Coach store (or any girly stores) alone to shop for their significant other.
  14. Happy anniversary lucky girl!! That is so great, what a sweetie you have! I can't wait to see pics of your Carly~I :heart: Carly!
  15. That's sweet!! Congrats!!