What a surprise!!

  1. While gleefully stuffing my new Mandarin Koala Agenda with its bling-fill (yowza!) and my new Mandarin Perf Accessories Pouch into my Manhattan PM today, I noticed the PM was manufactured in the good ole USA!! I thought everything was from Europe!! What a pleasant surprise!

    I also had my first encounter of the stange and wistful kind. A salesperson in a furniture store spied my PM and said her husband had gotten her one but it was a fake. (Now, girls, if I had one, I certainly wouldn't volunteer that information especially since it wasn't sitting there on her desk or anything.) I replied, "That's too bad...mine isn't, and I slowly pulled out my MC French wallet and Mandarin Perf Cles as well for her education...":graucho:
  2. Way to go. I have no idea why people are so proud to announce their bag is a fake.:shrugs:
  3. What's the mandarin perfo accessories pouch?
  4. Lol. That is pretty strange.

    Does the orange perfo match exactly with mandarin orange? Sounds like it'd be a really lovely combo together!
  5. Exactly! Some people are just proud that they get a great deal on af nasty FAKE!!!:yucky:
  6. I just happened to see one on Elux under the bags section, not small pouches, etc. It is just gorgeous!! I have a Mandarin Perf Cles and they are lovely together. They are both from the Perf line of last year. You don't see too many of them any more. They just caught my eye as something nice to go with my Mono purses...
  7. I see Elux still has them available if you are interested...
  8. Do you mean the Pochette Plate, or the Pochette Accessories?
  9. I see the Mandarin Perfo Cles is still available as well...
  10. I mean the Pochette Accessories...Mandarin Perfo. It is a thing of beauty. I just got mine yesterday and I love it. It comes with a little stap you can also carry it as a purse. My wallet and cles fit in nicely. It is a real head turner.:yahoo:
  11. Congratulations. I would :heart: to have the fuschia version! I think the plate is adorable too, but didn't get it and now it isn't showing up anymore - I guess maybe they are all gone. :sad:
  12. For some reason, when you say Mandrin, I keep thinking you're referring to an Epi piece. :push:
  13. LOL me too, I thought for perfo, the orange colour was simply called "orange".
  14. Urgh fakes!
  15. :confused1: