What A Stupid Mother?!!!

  1. I went to Tanning Salon with my best friend and we are suppose to buy something like lotion and stuff. A mother of two children wanted her children to tan!! I think their kids are very young like 6 or 11 yrs old!! But I wasn't the one who checked them into the booths but I'm like OH MY GOSH!!! That is way toooo young to tan! What the hell was she thinking?!! And apparently they are regular and have been there before! That is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!
  2. They actually let the children into the booth??? That should be illegal I think.
  3. Wow. I'm 19 and I've still never been to a tanning booth!
  4. Maybe they're pagent girls?
  5. Omg... I just wanted to scream at the stupid mother for putting their kids in the bed tanning!! What makes a mother being concerned about her kids being tanned at that age?! That's just stupid!
  6. Like I said, pagents are a big thing. It's quite possible that's why they were there. I don't like pagent's, but they aren't my children. That's their parents decision to do that.
  7. Totally illegal!!! I just asked her if she is going to put her kids in the bed tanning and she said like " ohhh I just wanted my kids with adorable tan" with smile

    -i think it was just totally stupid! In our state anyone under the age of 15 has to have a doctor's written perscripiton for tanning. I prefer suggest sunless like St.Tropez or Fake Bake! They are totally safe!!
  8. Any salon that would let a 5 or 7 year old tan should be SHUT DOWN!!!!!!
  9. Another case of "too much money and not enough brains." :yucky:
  10. That mother must of been off her rocker because that is way too young to get tanned! That is outageous! And they were regulars too! Riddiculous!
  11. Could it have been because of psoriasis or eczema? My son had eczema when he was younger and was "subscribed" tanning sessions as a treatment. They were really short though, not a full 20 min sessions or anything like that
  12. I saw a mother force her crying 4 yr old daughter into a mystic tan booth. She was a pagent girl. It was so horrible.
  13. I agree w/ Star. . . that should be illegal{?}
  14. Omg, that's so sad!!!
  15. I've got two kids and I would never advocate them going in a tanning booth. In the '80's, I used to tan all the time, but starting wising up and stopped. I always put sunscreen on my kids (this was never done for me as a child).