What a Stud...come meet my new Royal Flame!!

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  1. Ok...it has been a while since I have gotten a new RM bag...well besides the SO's I have been in...

    This bag, when we got a preview what seems like forever ago, made me make the GISN...and I knew it needed to become part of my collection...only problem? I went on a bag ban in January...

    But due to some serious closet purging, I decided to go for it...and ordered it from MOB last week...it arrived at my office yesterday...one perk of working Saturdays during tax season is this bag got to come home with me versus waiting until Monday!!

    So here is my studly Royal Flame...



    Studs and nameplate






    Inside birdie lining (kind of wish it had polka dots...)



  2. Ok...the dish on the side pockets...

    It can't hold much...so here is a regular tube of Carmex standing up...


    And the same tube lying down inside the pocket...

  3. And as far as size goes...I got out my Sagey MAM from the recent SO and took some pictures so those who have wondered how the Flame stacks up can see...

    From the side...


    From the front...you can see the Flame has shorter handles then the MAM..


    Birds eye view from the top...


    And side by side...

  4. And just some stud porn...

  5. So this is a keeper for me...I love blue bags...and I do not have a blue satchel bag...and the studs just make this go with anything...

    I am not taking it out for a spin quite yet, as I also jumped on the vintage violet Mini Mattie kick...and she should arrive Tuesday...so I am waiting to see which one gets the formal introduction to my DH first...and the other can wait a week or two! LOL! Even with all the purging and bags leaving, I think he may not want two newbies coming in that close together!
  6. The Flame is beautiful!!! But I'm concerned you use Carmex, it makes my lips feel like they're burning lmao!
  7. ^^ I prefer Burt's Bees myself, even with the tingle!

    Odebdo- I love a great blue bag...the flame may become your favorite soon!
  8. love this bag!!!
  9. LOL Knas...I actually do not use it too often...it just happened to be on my nightstand...and I thought it would be something most of us know the size of...but it doesn't make my lips burn...

    I do really like the Royal, TX...my camera and flash made it lighter...it is a nice rich blue...
  10. thank you for the great pictures!!! that bag is gorgeous...and i like the comparison between it and your beautiful MAM....is it a structured bag or do you think it will become smooshy like the MAM...use it well!!! it is beautiful and i love the studs
  11. So pretty. Congrats!
  12. That is one GORGEOUS bag, love the Royal Flame! CONGRATS!!!
  13. I definately think it is a structured bag that will not be as smooshy as a MAM...the piping and shape on the sides...I just think this one is built to retain it's satchel shape more then the MAM...

    Time will tell though!
  14. I love the royal, congrats!
  15. gorgeous - love it! how about some modeling shots :graucho: