What a story!

  1. yeah, what a crazy story!! unlike some crazy stories listed in auctions, hers sounds actually believeable. if it's true, i feel really bad for her and hope she gets some satisfaction from selling the sunglasses, lol.

    though on second though it could just be a marketing ploy, encouraging ppl to buy the glasses from her (e.g. some women will read it and feel sorry for her and want to help her out, and thus buy it)..who knows. interesting story nonetheless
  2. soooo crazy! I just think it's wrong for people to dish out their dirt to the world like that. Honestly, I just think it's a marketing ploy.
  3. She says she doesn't have the case, but in teh beginning there was a case! Are they authentic?

    "I composed myself, took the sunglasses and card from the case"

  4. :wtf:

    I love the disclaimer: This mineral does not work on all men and could lose potency after long exposure. Use sparingly and only as needed. This mineral does not preclude the possibility of a divorce occurring, but it may be able to save the marriage of those willing to work out their differences.
  5. :lol:
  6. :noggin:
  7. Ten bucks says it's table salt. :rolleyes:
  8. I've seen this exact same story when someon was selling s LOUIS VUITTON bag :upsidedown:
  9. Table salt...or saltpeter :lol:
  10. I kind of want that, but I guess it'd be weird to get a ring like that for myself (especially since I'm single :p), plus I hate rings so I know I'd never wear it. That second auction with the "potion" seems eerie, what woman in her right mind would sneak a foreign substance in her hubby's food to make him "unable to cheat". The whole idea sounds kind of crazy to me :shrugs:
  11. I almost bidded on those glasses when i read the entire story, i felt so bad for her. It seems really sad...if its a marketing ploy IT WORKS ON ME!
  12. Yeah...but my question is...if they were never hers, she doesnt want them and she is selling them out of spite...then why the reserve?
  13. LOL me too! somebody save the poor woman LOL :p