What a SCARY weekend!

  1. DH (37) had been complaining of mild chest pain (?muscular) and shortness of breath (?tired) for a couple of weeks. Was supposed to go to Thailand on Sunday so on Saturday I forced him to go to the doc.
    Next I hear he is in emergency under suspicion of a mild heart attack. Go to hospital . All bloods, heart tests OK but positive for clot in lungs! OMG! Off for a catscan.... all clear, thank god! Doctor said must be muscular then lets us get him dressed (been in emerg 6 hrs so far)
    Just about to leave when radiologist rings doctor, has just noticed lump in lower lobe of right lung. Now consensus is that it is too deep to biopsy so gonna have 3 monthly chest xrays/catscans to make sure that it is not growing.:wtf::wtf::wtf:
    Great ! 3 beautiful boys (13,7,5) ...dad is on 3 monthly reviews for lungs, mum on 6 monthly reviews for cervix!!! :shrugs: But, we are keeping positive.. all is gonna turn out fine!!
  2. Best of wishes for you and your family!!!! Sending good thoughts your way!
  3. O how awful, a big hug, best wishes.
  4. wish you and your family all the best! Positive vibes your way! Much love!
  5. Wow, I hope everything turns out fine for your family, Good Luck! *fingers crossed*
  6. Best of luck to you and your family!
  7. That is so scary. I hope everything will be fine and may God give you strength through this tough time.
  8. UPDATE.....

    Firstly, thanks for all the well wishes. It is much appreciated!

    Seen the respiratory specialist... the lump is too deep to biopsy so hubby is on a 3 monthly catscan review, first review due November.

    Has started the blood pressure medication, feeling much better. Keeping our fingers crossed!!!
  9. Thanks for the update, Hope all goes well :heart:
  10. Okay. Now is the time to just sit down...take a deep deep breath in....and try breath out slowly.
    I know it's easy to get wiggy. I have a tendency to have anxiety attacks and I go all over the place. However, I have found that it's better to just try to remain calm.
    My husband went to a dermatologist about 5 months ago, to look at a funny thing on his back. No problems....they ran all kinds of tests. Good news.
    Then one month after that, we're sitting outside and he says "I haven't told you something because I don't know yet...but they found XYZ in my blood and it could be NOTHING or I could be very very very sick with a rare bone cancer." My heart fell to the floor and I felt angry, frightened...I wanted to run away.
    Fast forward to now - his tests turned out FINE. He had contracted TB when he was in Thailand about 20 years ago and has since been "cured" with medications, etc., but having it elevated a certain protein in his blood that is unusual - but is often found in these people with this particular kind of cancer.
    Whenever things are getting me down, money is tight, I want another bag, etc., I go back to that exact moment that he told that maybe-bad-news and I really try to think it all worked out.
    I want you to think that way too. Don't go to the bad place FIRST. Get educated - talk to the doctors...make phone calls. What did they say? What - are their options? Do people get these things all the time? It might be the hardest next 3 months....I know waiting for my hubby's test results - it took about a week and a half...and I tried to remain positive and calm.
    I hope this has helped.
    Keep us all posted.
  11. How scary! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for him. I'm only two years younger than he is.