What a SALE!!!

  1. Guccie emailed there sale line items today. As I hemmed and hawed...my favorite one went bye bye. Oh well, I was forced (not really) to drop by Gucci. So yes!!! The Gucci Hassler Horsebit Hobo has a new home. Come to Momma :love:
  2. lol welcome?
  3. hellooooo
  4. lol, welcome!
  5. welcome
  6. Welcome!
  7. my sister has that same bag and she loves it. congrats!
  8. great choice, def a classic!!
  9. Thats the same bag I ordered off the gucci website, but so far no charge. I only got my first processing e-mail. So sad. Can I ask where did you find your hasler? I called chicago gucci store and they said its all sold out.
  10. Huh?Was this in the sale!!???? Love it and welcome to the Gucci family x
  11. Gucci (Washington, DC)...I am currently waiting the arrival b/c it was out of stock in the store and had to be ordered from warehouse. I should get it by Monday. Good luck!