What a sad, sad Sunday!

  1. Hello ladies! I resolved the drama with my Slate Nina (weird color change) and returned her to Nordstroms. Everyone was stunned! I was expecting to exchange her for a new one BUT not only were there none at the Towson store, but there were none in the system at all! Although I was offered a refund, I opted for a store credit. Would you all be kind enough to offer some suggestions for a new bag? I love the Nicole, but I don't really need another large bag... Many thanks!
  2. Erin,
    Sorry to hear about your Nina--it is a beautiful bag. Many TPF'ers LOVE the Jessie. There are plenty of threads and pics. I haven't gotten one yet, but am planning to. It is also on sale on many online sites as well. Good luck in your hunt.
  3. Here's another vote for a Jessie. I don't have one but everyone here has convinced me that I NEED one! LOL!
  4. Oh, I loved the slate color Nina! That's so sad that it was turning colors!

    You could wait for the Fall bags and check out the new smaller ones, or take advantage of all the great sales & get one in a more safe color.

    Best of luck finding the perfect bag for you!
  5. Oh I'm so sorry. Don't you just hate it when you have to take back a bag you love and can't get another one? I too vote for a Jessie. I have two and am on the lookout for a third. It's a very practical bag.
  6. Thank you for all of your suggestions! The Jessie is indeed a beautiful bag! I think I may have a new obsession! Mini- so jealous! You are so lucky to have two!