what a sad day....

  1. f :censor: ! I'm such a stupid girl... i just started cleaning my pap handles with baby wipes(d:censor: n!! why oh why did i ever bought a cheap one..) few hours ago, then I started rubbing the wipes on it so hard(yes, very hard, I know it's my fault:rant: !!).. Then something bad happened... some of the parts of the handles had a slight deep scratch, scrapes whatever...:sad: oooooh :crybaby: here are some pics:Push:
    Patwick27(249).jpg Patwick27(250).jpg Patwick27(251).jpg
  2. I can see something on the strap but I can't really figure out what are they... :shrugs: Is it really that bad..? :sad:
  3. Sorry, your pics are very blurry. I can't see any scratch. Could you try again?
  4. waaah it's not THAT visible but if you will take a look at it very close, it has some scrapes... heres a clearer pic..
  5. Are you sure its just not creasing from normal wear? I'm sure it is not that bad! Cheer up!
  6. no.. :crybaby: the parts are not even... :crybaby: some of my bags are not like these.... i even saw the part that was scraped, stuck on the wipes...here's another pic...
  7. Did that happen because you rubbed the baby wipe too hard, or was it there before and it just made it worse? It's really not that bad. I know, easy for me to say! It just looks a little worn. Not such a bad thing. Cheer up!! :flowers:
  8. I wouldnt worry about it. It really isnt that noticable.
    Sorry it happened to you though!
  9. I'm just cleaning the handles(so hard) a while ago, the handles are in perfect condition not even a scratch :love: , just a dirt... then all of a sudden :censor: :rant: po0o0of!! I saw a very tiny piece on the wipes, then i started freaking out...:wtf: :censor: :hysteric:
  10. you know what lisa, i really love your pic of your baby dog.:love: :love: .. soooo cute, okay i'm out of the topic, :crybaby: sad mode
  11. maybe the dirt was hiding the "scratch" before you cleaned it... it isnt that visible for people to notice anyways or you can buy a new one if it irks you that much :biggrin:
  12. lolz.. LMAO!:roflmfao:
  13. superBag, I kinda know what you mean. It's a tiny scratch on the handle. To be honest it'd totally freak me out... but! you can always get the handles replaced.

    I know replacement right now given the condition of the bag (it looks fine to me) is not the point but if it's scratched, just use it without worries and when it gets old just replace it for new handles.
  14. maybe you can try some kind of moisturizer like Apple Guarde. Sorry it happened!
  15. uh oh..... handles are more than $100 right??? yes definitely i will get a moisturizer. .thanks everyone....