what a night..

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  1. what a boring night in los angeles....... :sad::sad:
  2. Not too much fun in Jersey but I am honestly happy with the quiet!:flowers:
  3. I'm sooo enjoying a relaxing night alone. Watching Frida...I love this movie!
  4. im so bored...
  5. tell me about it...nothiing much to do up here in Alberta either.
  6. quiet nite here too... watching what not to wear...
  7. watching ghost whisperer...
  8. watching hockey, but I am bored too...
  9. Not much going on in Jersey, just got back from iceskating with some friends.
  10. o:huh:OO I love ice-skating...dont do much of it here in california though...
  11. This is a great film Danica! I'm in watching stuff too, but so far only law and order...
  12. I wish it was a boring night here.
  13. What's happening Jill? Hope everything is ok!
  14. ^PHH's dad is back in hospital(CANcer of brain and lungs)..We just got news that hes bleeding in his belly and cant survive a surgery.and it spread to his liver as well....I was the one that got to tell his mom.****TY NIGHT.He was fine a week ago and now basically cant even walk or talk at all.
  15. Im so sorry Jill. So, so sorry. I pray your father in law finds some comfort somehow...and strength and love for you and your loved ones. We are here for you. xxoo
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