What a nice surprise! I got my first pair today!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies! I got my very first brown box today! :yahoo:I wasn't expecting it 'til tomorrow so I was surprised when I found out... :woohoo:

    All I could say is wow! I've never seen shoes this beautiful! :smile:

    I know this style is very popular and probably all of you have seen it.. but I still wanted to post some pictures :smile:..... but the pics were taken with my DSLR camera and the files were pretty big... I don't have a picture editor on this computer :tdown: (how else can I post it?)
  2. Put it in photobucket and re-size then post the IMG code here.
  3. #3 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Ok I figured it out :smile: Here you go.. my very first Loubies love... Bianca!!!

    love love love them!!!

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  4. congrats!! Shoe twin:smile:) I think these are the sexiest shoes ever made:smile:) what a perfect way to start a collection!
  5. and of course I did try to take some modeling pics... it was harder than I thought :nuts: ..... here are some failed modeling pics lol

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  6. Thanks! well, now the problem is... how do I keep them on? :smile: I ordered a half size smaller and after about half an hour wearing them, I felt a little slippage... i'm sure it'll get worse (based on comments here) ... what do I do? Do you have the same problem with yours? Does the rubber heel grip work? I better get those asap! :smile:
  7. Very nice! I love the Bianca! Congrats on your first pair - definitely not your last!
  8. Gorgeous shoes mrsMP!
    I am trying to locate a pair in my size!
    Would you mind letting me know where you got yours?
    Thanks :smile:
  9. They are divine! Love the Bianca! Congrats!!!

  10. I got mine from Ebay :smile: I believe my seller has another one in a size 39 or 39.5... I couldn't remember... I called a lot of high-end department stores and CL boutiques but couldn't find my size... although they all seem to have a size 40 left ...

    I'm not sure if I can post Ebay seller names here? so I if you pm me, then I'll give you the name... I haven't used the pm feature as I'm fairly new to this forum.. but let me know if you want it :smile:
  11. Thanks! :biggrin:
    Btw, I think new members do not have the PM feature enabled?

  12. oh ok.. so that explains why i couldn't find a "reply" button to a visitor message... thanks :biggrin:
  13. congrats! they're gorgeous! :biggrin:
  14. Thank you ladies for sharing my joy! :smile:
  15. Congrats!!!
    Definitely try putting grips in to help with the fit :smile: