What a neat bag!

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  1. what one?
  2. oooh. the glitter one? yeah. it's pretty.
  3. dont see *a* bag but their website.
  4. the bag is from the s/s 2005 collection! I believe the handles are lizard
  5. Yeah I love the Glitter line.
  6. The glitter line is so pretty and feminine!
  7. there was a white bucket type bag from the same collection on ebay a while ago. it was so pretty. i like the colour of the one let trade has more. its very nice, looks like it would get dirty easily though.
  8. this is very pretty!
  9. i like it alot!
  10. This is actually pink in person. Tho it does look lavender/purple-ish in photos.
  11. Is this the one you are talking about?

    Very pretty!
  12. the pink/purple combo is my favorite in the glitter line!
  13. Oooh I've never seen that before! I love it!
  14. It is fabulous!