what a mean seller

  1. i am so upset. i have a huge family and buying for them for the holidays is very expensive. there are 7 kids. a long time ago i made a budget on how much to spend on each- i buy the girls all one thing and the boys another. i usually go over but i try and keep to it because there are so many of them (plus parents, siblings, friends, etc). anyway i thought of what i wanted for the girls yesterday and found it on eBay. way out of my range. so i made a very low offer. you never know unless you try and i said in my message exactly why i was asking and if it was not acceptable to tell me what is. they had best offer on their item. anyway i knew it was low and i never offer that low but i really am trying to stick to my budget for christmas. anyway i got a decline notice today (no surprise) and the note said "Don't try again" what? i'm sorry but that's rude. if it's too low just say "that's too low. we're hoping for much closer to our asking price" or something like that. i just emailed them a very upset letter. they have tons of items up. it's not like i made the same offer on every one or was even going to (which i suspect is what they were thinking i would do)

    i'm sorry i just needed to vent. i think just telling someone not to even try again is horrible. why would you even have best offer then? why be so rude? ugh.
  2. Most of the sellers on here say the same or worse to people who send them lowball offers. They consider it insulting. Perhaps hearing it from the other perspective will make them think twice next time.
  3. You know as a seller i don't like lowball offers either. but i just counter offer or decline. i would never dream of saying something so rude to someone. then again i try and be professional.
  4. Hey I'm with you, I don't think it's nice either. I think some sellers are just too wrapped up in what they are doing to see things from anothe angle sometimes.
  5. no , but as a seller and you get offered $30 for something that is listed at $300 it does get insulting !! It is tempting to say something rude , if i get that sort of offer i just decline it and don't say anything , even if I am very upset about it myself .
  6. For sellers, there is a place when you list your item on eBay where you can go in and auto-decline offers less than a certain price. That way you don't have to personally deal with the lowball offers. The buyer simply gets an automatic reply that says something to the effect that "the seller automatically declined you offer." So, no hard or hurt feelings. As a sometime seller (mostly buyer, unfortunately for my budget!!!!) of high end jewelry and bags, it is kind of crazy that someone would think you will accept $200 for a $1500 item. I guess maybe sellers shouldn't put in "make offer" option w/o the auto decline. But I will say that, as a buyer, I have made some kinda desperate offers that seemed lowball and actually won the item! Just brush off the "rude" seller if they decline your offers. They are probably busy and/or don't have good manners. It's a big world, I say you can always find another seller and not waste time being mad at people that are too busy or clued-in enough to know that they need to be gracious. Hope this helps...;)
  7. i didn't offer 30 on 300. i offered a little less than half what they wanted. and it's not a super high priced item. again i know it's low but not like 2 cents, kwim?
  8. I wish there was a function to say something sometimes offering half or less is INSULTING!
    And I fancy saying- Please dont waste my time with these ridiculous offers.

    Buy it now or best ofer is different in the Uk and the counter offer option has only just been added
  9. you know what it might be insulting but they could have come back and said "i will only accept xxx" or something else. if i find an offer insulting i just decline. i would certainly never tell someone.

    And there is a big difference offering say 700 dollars on a 1500 dollar item and 20 dollars on a 45 dollar item imo.

    and yes mmm you're right.
  10. As a seller I sometimes make my BIN way higher so that when people send a low offer and I accept they are extremely happy. I also use the auto decline option because it is easier.
  11. Thats what I have been doing- I had a pair of LV shoes listed as £60.00 buy it now or best offer and I was getting offers of £30.00 or less. I relisted them last week at £80.00 or best offer and got an offer for £60.00!!
  12. I am sorry you met a mean seller. They could set an auto-reject to low offers, or simply replied and said your offer is too low instead of giving that rude reply. There are so many other sellers out there. Keep on searching. You should find someone easier to deal with.
  13. yeah i know. and i've been doing eBay enough that i shouldn't care. i've had worse sellers even this week. i guess it was early when i checked my email and was very put off. the construction workers dropping iron beams on other iron beams at 7 am i'm sure didn't help. LOL
  14. Aaawww, sorry H! Honestly, I get a lot of ridiculous offers from people on ebay, but I am never, ever rude in declining. I have a chuckle about the offer and just hit the decline button, adding a friendly and polite message saying I'm sorry but I can't accept the offer and good luck with your search. I never find low offers to be insulting - it's not like I personally made the item, so why would I be insulted???

    Hope your day's improving!! ;)
  15. Aw, H. I am sorry you started your date like that. I would never tell someone not to bid again. Only once have I been rude -- toward the end of an auction someone offered me $60 for a $2650 bag, and I responded "you're kidding, right?" It was the end of a long day.