What a man!!!

  1. Sooo Christmas came, and my husband got me the coral walk of fame (large version). I was completely shocked because he told me he returned it because his sister ruined the suprise and it was the wrong color anyway. So in my screaming and bag hugging he told me this insane story. He initially went in to Saks to buy the bag and the coral had not come in yet, so he had the black one shipped to his sister in CT which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from us. He had spoken with Jonathan in Saks NYC to call him as soon as he could get the coral one. Well, Jonathan called my husband in the middle of the work day and said to come in because ONE coral came in and it was in demand. My husband had to send a messenger up to CT to get the bag and bring it to Queens to his parent's house because he couldn't leave work (he in on the floor of the NYSE so he can't leave until end of trading). So after work he hiked it to Queens, went to his parent's house, picked up the bag, turned back around, got back on the train and headed back to Saks to get the bag. Than he had to get back on the express bus back to Staten Island before I got home from my niece's recital. This entire time I thought he was out with a customer.
    Long story short-two trips to Saks, one messenger service, 2 train rides (about 40 minutes each way) 4 blocks walked, one bus ride (about 40 minutes) and than a walk to our house from the bus stop while carrying a Chanel box he got my bag. I am greatful that I have such a wonderful husband. He really did shock me and I am suprised he did it all on his own. :heart:
  2. Congrats on your husband first!A true gentleman!:yes:
    Glad you got the coral one the design looks better on this colour than on the black and the colour isn't so common!:tup:Do post pics !
    p.s.do carry it on your next visit to your S-I-L hehe!;)
  3. Ah I remember your post about your horrible (no offense) SIL!!!

    I'm so glad you got the exact bag you wanted. What a terrifically sweet DH!
  4. Whatah husband you have!! congrats!!
  5. Wow!! I remember that post about SIL too....thanx for the update!!! Everything worked out fine...congrats on the bag & hope that evil SIL is jealous as hell!!
  6. Awwww ... what a sweetheart!! I remember your other post and I'm glad things worked out well in the end for you.
  7. oh my goodness i'm so envious and happy that you've got such a sweet DH!! we need pictures!! :graucho:
  8. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your husband is such a kind soul :smile: I'm so happy for you.
  9. You're one lucky lady with that sweet DH! Yay on getting your dream bag. Pics please!
  10. congrats! your DH sounds soo sweet to do all that. my SO definitely would not go through all that for a bag hehe
  11. congratulations, your DH is so sweet. you're a lucky girl :smile:
  12. Go J !!!
    Lets see it, lets see it, lets see it !!!
  13. Pics please!
  14. i would trade all the chanel bags, shoes, clothes, and possessions in the world for a man like that (oh wait, i do have a man like that, hehe)! i love stories like this!! your dh is the best present of all! congrats!
  15. how sweet of him!