What a lucky day ( pics inside)

  1. Frist of all I want to tell you that I'm sorry for my english but I'm so exited, so today was the day for me to get my white city but later in the day my sister called me to say that she was at a second hand shop and there was 3 unused B bags, a dark green city, a blue first and another first bordeaux.
    All were completly new, and guess what? Their prices were also amazing only 400 euros for the first and 480 for the city ( about 500 dollards and 640 dollards) so I told her to took the blue for me and she took for her the green one.
    I still can't believe it today I got two gorgeous B bags.
  2. oh my god... where is this shop? I am SO JEALOUS!

    You found a dolma city and an 05 turquoise for under retail. *faints*
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Yeah I know it's hard to believe, the shop is in Paris, and all the B bags were brought by the same person ( I don't understand that girl, the B bags were all new) and the seller of the shop said that the girl is going to come back ( yessssssssss)
  4. yay!!!! cherish those bbags, you definitely had an INSANE stroke of luck --- you must have done something really amazing in the past ;) like I say, that is definitely a once in a lifetime thing ---- WOW! enjoy them all!
  5. That's hilarious!!! Great day indeed!
  6. omg!!!!! CONGRATS! You are soo lucky and i am insanly jealous!
  7. I saw a japanese tourist man carrying a dolma city this weekend during my marathon labor day shopping spree (where I got nothing) and just about fainted... I took a pic on my cell and thought about it all day... and here it is! wow it's so beautiful... his was brand new too! I still cant believe you found one at all and for so cheap!

    actually looking a second time- it's teal not turquoise.... so pretty! :nuts:
  8. omg! thats amazing!!! congrats!
  9. Great deal. Congrats!
  10. How cool is that - go by a lottery ticket. It is your lucky day. Beautiful bags - all of them. Congrats!
  11. Well- I'm glad someone is having a lucky day!!! Not me! Congrats on your gorgeous bag!
  12. Wow! What a great bargain! Congrats on all those beautiful bags!
  13. Omg. LUCKY!

    I love Dolma Green...
  14. that's amazing! they're gorgeous!!
  15. lucky, lucky girl! Congrats & enjoy :flowers: