What a large Bleeker flap can hold plus it's bling

  1. I finally was able to switch out my bag. My little one is bouncing around with a fever that just won't susbide (figures after not being sick in a couple of months that one week in daycare took care of that. If he's still not shaking it in the am, I'll be taking him to the doc but no matter what I'll be home tomorrow with him as I won't let him go until he's been fever-free for 24 hours as required. I am sure work will be so thrilled but nothing I can do with DH being out- his surgery is scheduled for 10:40 am EST tmorrow). Anyways, I digress...

    The inside minus my keys (which are massive). Let's see. There is a lot of room left! I don't want to put any makeup items in here with this light lining until I have a case for them. I have my Bleeker mini wallet, my cellphone and bluetooth headset, my Sansa MP3 player, a bottle of Excedrin, my brush and a heart-shaped makeup mirror - notice all of the pink things? My phone would be pink if this phone had come in pink :lol::


    The bling on her right now- the strawberry charm courtesy of my Secret Santa Taralindsey. Even though the brass on the charm is bright, I like her on here until I can get a scarf.

  2. very cute.. I love the charm
  3. tanukiki that bag is adorable!!! You are making me want one!!!!
  4. The tattersal lining with the bottle green is just stunning! I love this bag, too, because the size is just perfect. And the pink charm against the green bag is absolutely adorable.
  5. Lovely color! Love large Bleeker flap!
  6. Very cute! Thanks for the pics! :tup:
  7. the charm looks great....i like your mp3 player too -- whats the name of it?
  8. She looks so cute! Love pink and green! OT: I hear ya about sick kids, we were sick last week. I hope your DH's surgery and recovery goes well! Mine had his last week and he's doing well.....I know your's will be too!!:flowers:
  9. Oooooh, I love your goodies!! Is that a lil' heart compact?! You have fun stuff!
  10. Ooh I love that bag w/the charm on it. It looks terrific. I hate hearing about sick kiddies :sad:- mine had it too, and it is so sad when they are not feeling well. I hope everyone in your house is on the mend very soon.
  11. wow, I like your Bleeker SO much more than the one I saw in the outlet. It looks fantastic with all your things in it! :smile: But, I am totally weird and I love seeing what people carry in their bags/how they carry it. That's why I love the "What's in your Coach bag" thread!

    I'm sorry to hear that your son is sick...there is something truly nasty going around these days. I hope your husband's surgery goes well!
  12. Yep. I got it for Christmas. It's SO cute. I usually don't carry a compact but this one is too cute to not carry it!
  13. I love your bag! The strawberry charm looks amazing on it!!!
  14. It's the Sandisk Sansa Express 1 GB. They also have a clip player in the pink which I like but I can't justify buying another one at this point.
  15. I love your Bottle Green Flap with the Strawberry on it! I am so happy you are using it on this gorgeous bag!

    I hope your little one feels better soon, my baby just got over a NASTY fever/cold a couple of weeks ago.

    I will be thinking of your DH during the surgery, I hope it all goes well and he gets better quickly!