What a Kelly find! ❤️

  1. So... about a year ago I wondered whether I should save for a Hermes Kelly or buy a Louis Vuitton Alma BB (Alma BB or save for Hermes Kelly?

    Well, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful boyfriend who presented me with a beautiful Damier Ebene Alma BB, which I use almost daily, so I didn't think to much about this question anymore as I came to finde Hermes bags unreasonably pricey...

    Skip forward half a year and I was walking past a second hand shop on my way home and spot... a beautiful vintages Hermes Kelly in my dream colour, Rouge H!

    Seeing it I started debating whether to take the plunge and buy it despite not having a authenticity card or to skip this chance. Informing myself through this forum and other webpages I have decided to authenticate the bag myself and buy it, risking that it might be a very good fake, though the store, which sells vintage designer pieces, said it was real. However, as I brought it to Hermes they were happy to look at it and taking it to their spa which they only do with their own bags, which means that I had a lucky find!

    Here are some pictures before the spa. As I see it the bag must be from 1970, though the SA from Hermes thought it might be from the 1980s. Can anyone confirm?

    I will post some post-spa pictures tomorrow and hopefully some pictures of it being worn - still don't dare carrying it as it is the most valuable (tough not the most expensive according to buying price!) purse I own

    Thanks for reading my Hermes story!

    IMG_1497211810.408560.jpg IMG_1497211829.891722.jpg IMG_1497211868.186708.jpg IMG_1497211919.403624.jpg
  2. i'm not an hermès expert by any means, so can't tell you much about it. if you want to be safe you could use bababebis authentication process via her website.
    as for the year: there is a list here on the purseforum, where it says that a Z without a circle or square would mean that your bag is from 1970.

    it for sure is a beautiful find!
    enjoy it!
  3. 1970 Rouge H box calf retourné, looks like a 35 or 32 but I have no size reference.
    Totally classic Hermès gem and apparently a steal, enjoy her!
  4. Looks beautiful! Don't be afraid to use it -- look how long it's been around already! Enjoy it.
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  5. A beautiful vintage find!
  6. Gorgeous! CongrTs!! I have the same bag from 1985 it's such a beautiful, classic piece!
  7. Thank you all! It's a 28 in size, exactly what I was hoping for
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  8. Congrats, your Rouge H K is vintage dream. Wear her in the best of health.

  9. What a great find!! You a very lucky girl! What a great start of the H journey! It's meant to be. Gorgeous!!!
  10. Huge congrats! What a great find! :tup: It's such a classic beauty, always use her in good health!
  11. A beautiful and classic bag which already has so much character. Congrats, enjoy and carry her in the best of health!
  12. Enjoy and congratulations!!
  13. congrats on your lucky find!
  14. She's gorgeous! Congrats on an amazing find and please do use her, it's what she was made for :smile:
  15. Beautiful vintage! Congrats
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