What A Jerk

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    Defamer reports that XM and nationally syndicated radio "personalities" Opie and Anthony responded to a swimsuit-clad Tyra Bank's speech last week on her popular syndicated show with a challenge to their listeners.
    They asked them to publicly react to 33 year-old Tyra's request that people stop making fun of her weight.

    The result?

    An anonymous fan addressed the situation by placing a sign calling Tyra a fat.
    The person hung a giant banner across from her TV studio declaring, "Tyra Banks is a Fatty Pig Fatty."
  2. I'm sorry but "a fatty pig fatty" LOL Its so childish. *sigh*
  3. How disgusting. Why don't they leave that poor woman alone? She's not at all fat!
  4. ....i think people spend too much time be concerned about his/or her weight...It is America and there is such a thing as Freedom of Speech, now if i agree with what was said -tha's another question.
  5. That is soooooooo mean!! People have no respect for others and thats disgusting.
  6. HA HA HA... if i were tyra, i would laugh and won't mind the thing!
  7. goodness. that's SO childish! some people just don't know when it's time to grow up sadly :/
  8. good lord - when will folks get a grip on weight issues - not that Tyra is fat - but even if she was - what does that have to do with her as a person? Why would any person believe that making fun of/looking down on someone because of their weight is acceptable behavior?
  9. Opie & Anthony said they're makin' a big deal out of this cos Tyra made such a big deal of it. This morning, they kept playing Tyra saying "kiss my fat ..." and they were askin' why, if she really felt okay with a few extra pounds, did she even address her critics? Why did she go out of her way to say I'm not this fat, like there's something wrong with being voluptuous. She looks wonderful IMO.
  10. Have you seen what O & A look like??? They have a lot of nerve. Can you say trailer trash??
  11. I guarantee the man who made that sign has a ginormous beer belly. :rolleyes:
  12. How stupid and childish!
  13. This is a textbook case of defamation, which will be outside the protection of 1st Amendment. ;)
  14. That's really mature behavior. O&A aren't exactly studs, but men like that are so quick to make ridiculous judgments about women.
  15. O & A, have an influence on young people, they should be ashamed of themselves for baiting this kind of backlash.