What a horrible SA in SF...r/o

  1. Okay, so I get an email from my sister-in-law who says her sister was just in the Hermes SanFran and saw two birkins on the shelf. I just called the store (just hung the phone up) and talked to this he/she who doesn't speak english very well. I asked about the two bags, a red and black one. The SA said they just sold the black birkin and that there was no red birkin. The SA told me the name but I can't remember. I asked her if I could order a birkin, she said no. They don't do waiting list and even if they had a birkin in the store, no orders over the phone. Just really unpleasant over the phone and just didn't seem to care. Then I say thanks and "it" says Thank you for calling Hermes. OMG!! what the freakin' heck!!:censor: I will not let Hermes SF get me down and deter me from my mission!!
  2. oh, Lieu, that sucks. But don't let it get you down...if it's any consolation, I do believe SF DOES NOT take orders, I think Shopmom said that a while ago, and she is very familliar with that store.

    You may have to go about it the "old fashioned" way - develop a relationship with an SA.......it seems to work for all the ladies here!
  3. Yes, Lieu. I got my Birkin through a very very nice SA in San Fran. If you can go to the store. Try to get to know a SA, it helps.
  4. Sound advice. Always remember, the SA is not desperate to sell the birkins that do become available. So, they can very well be picky and choosy on whom they deal with. It's best to share a smile with them face to face. If you were there and the bags available, she'd take you more seriously if you were speaking face to face. Other than that, you are just some stranger on the phone...probably one of the mainy weekly calls they get inquiring about Hermes birkins.
  5. Agreed. You've got to develop a relationship with an SA and you'll see, things will change. I'm so sorry that you had such a lousy experience though......can you get to a local H store where you live? Because that's really the best way, Lieu.....
  6. Thanks ladies! Thats why I love this forum...I can vent! Thank you for allowing me to do so. I'm in Tomball, TX...close to Houston. Nearest Hermes is a long way from where I live. Darn it!!!