WHAT A GREAT SITE! I work for Louis Vuitton I know this stuff is real!

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a Troll.
  2. MOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDS! Come get rid of the troll Please!

    :dftt: :dftt: :dftt: :death:

    and by the way, we like elux here.
  3. I did click the link to have a look, they have a pic and description of a Chanel bag that belong to PersonalShoppers!!!!!
  4. Are you kidding :s . Geez these people will stop at nothing. Don't you have any dignity louisvuittonlov.
  5. What are you trying to do? I won't click it for sure
  6. I looked at the site because I wanted to see the pics they were using, and just as I suspected they were hi-jacking pics. I have purchased from Personal Shoppers and I saw their's was on the of them. Site is sick so VERY VERY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I despise FAKES!!!!!!!!!!
  7. A quick question can we report websites for selling conterfeit?
  8. Fake Fake Fake
  9. are you for real? get a fricken life please..
  10. Why in LV therad was alredy moved this thread but not this one??
  11. Hahahahahaha

  12. The troll dropped the f bomb in one of the post in there. Thats prob. why :noggin: :smash:
  13. I thought they were all removed/deleted. . .
    sorry, busy w/ my kids!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.