What a great hobo!!


    And if I hadn't just bought a Marc Jacobs bag and already have a suede hobo like that I would buy this right now! Hopefully this won't sell out fast and I can get it another time.
  2. It totally is! I saw this today and I want it even more now that I have seen it!
  3. I am such a sucker for metallics. But since I have this color in a different style, I can probably resist this one until either the PCE event or until it hits the outlets. I LOVE the detailing on the strap!
  4. It's gorgeous!
  5. Funny to read this -- I JUST bought this. I love it. It feels great on. And it has some really cool cream stitching. But now, a question for the fashion impaired (me!), what would you wear this with.
  6. ^^^^ I treat it as a neutral for the most part. I've worn it with jeans, but also have worn it with black and brown pants.
  7. Pretty!!:heart:
  8. I think it would look beautiful with all black!!
  9. Any photos of you wearing this bag?
  10. WOW! I would love to post a picture wearing this on my shoulder as a hobo but somehow, my coordination is lacking!! I hope this works for ya'!!

    Obviously, this isn't the bag best look but you get the idea!!

    Coach Wearing.JPG
  11. Oh that bag looks soooo great. I want it!! :crybaby: Must resist.....
  12. oh...i want it really bad now...but i didn't feel like having them order it when i was there!
  13. ^^ You should get it... it is a great bag! Easy to wear and the brown with the metallic 'plays it down a bit.' I really love it!!
  14. It is a beautiful bag, I'll hold off a little longer :graucho:
  15. That's very nice! I may have to put it on my wishlist.