What a great find!

  1. I have had the possibility of buying this rare "Flat Messenger " and have not been able to resist ... It is not properly my style ... I like the city or the Work more but I must say that after touching with hand the 2004 leather I can say that it is really exceptional ... it seems butter !
    :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
    Milly 006.jpg Milly 032.jpg
  2. Oh! So you are the one who bought it from the french lady, congratulations! I really like the color.
  3. ^^ congrats lb..the bag is gorgeous!!!:heart: :drool:
  4. congrats, lb! i truly love it :love:

  5. No i've bought it in Italy:flowers:
  6. oh, l b, please post pics of you wearing it! please?!
  7. ooops, sorry, then that must have been a coincidence!
  8. Congrats lb..the bag is gorgeous! Would love to see you wearing it! ;)
  9. My camera is not working:crybaby: :crybaby:
    Mimz has one ! Myabe she cas post a pic!
  10. Beautiful! What color is that?
  11. OMG, OMG, that's my next dream bag, congratulations l_b :party:
  12. l_b- this is soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!:love: I am so happy for you!!!! xoxo
  13. :graucho: me too, sweetie :lol:
  14. :nuts: :yahoo: congrats l_b :nuts: :yahoo: i totally love the colour!
  15. Is grey s/s 04
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