What a great DEAL!

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  1. This LV Petit Noe has been a bag I have wanted to get for many years and it always seemed to get pushed back for something else LV. Well, I found a pretty one on auction for $325.00 and hubby went ahead and bought it for me! :yahoo: It is in really great condition and was authenticated before purchased. Let me introduce you to Miss Petit Noe and thanks for letting me share!:wlae:

  2. Nice! And what a great deal! Congrats!
  3. Congrats, it's sooo cute and you got a great price!
  4. OMG it's gorgeous and in perfect condition!!!
  5. great deal congrats
  6. Thank you Alexis168, margaritamix, xrayyou, and lvpug , I am so pleased with the bag’s condition.
  7. You scored an exquisite LV, southerncharm! Congratulations!!!
    I'm sure you will love it! It's true what they say - good things come to those who wait!! :tup:
  8. Just beautiful and it looks to be in great condition too. Wonderful find!
  9. Very nice, congrats!
  10. She is beautiful!! Congratulations on getting such a great bargain!
  11. congrats on a greta find..:tup:
  12. I love it ~ sooo pretty! Congrats!

    I'm really starting to like the Noe style!
  13. Wow, excellent price for such an excellent condition bag. Enjoy her!
  14. Congrats on such a great find!:tup:
  15. I have a noe and love it-so easy to wear!!! Congrat's!!!