What a good week....another bag is here...SO Damier Cabas Mezzo---PIC

  1. Here is a pic of the special order Damier Cabas Mezzo that I found lovingly used. Two bags this week......I'm on a roll :yes:

    Its really a lightweight bag. SO much lighter than I thought and actually a little smaller than what I wanted it for. :shrugs:

    I wish I could still special order a Cabas Alto. Oh well this will due. I am going to use this as a work tote more so than a handbag

    What do you guys think of it?
  2. Congrats on the mezzo! But I can't really tell you an opinion from your pic...:sad:
  3. Any chance of a bigger pic? Looks good from what I can see though. Is it with the brown leather instead of the vachetta though?

  4. ^^Yep. The same as all the Damier bags. It will last last longer and look better longer. I can cary it oin the rain withou having a nervous breakdown. LOL

    I like it. I've seen other members with it. I just wish it were a tad bit bigger.

    I love BIG bags. :yes:
  5. congrats! looks sooo pretty!!! love it! :smile:
  6. I love it!!! Great find.
  7. man oh man am i jealous!!

    it's gorgeous, and I want one!!
  8. ohh daimer mezzo...sweet...you found a SO...girl you did well and saved $$$$...I could never understand how people request a special order and wait months and then sell it not that long after...good for you not for them though...
  9. nice bag congrats! is it a special order?
  10. Wow! Great find! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. Hi! Love this and want to order one.Congrats! What a good week!:yahoo:
    Any chance you could take another pic as it is too dark for me to see it?:sad:
    I would love to give you my opinion and am curious to see it on you!
  12. congrats! :biggrin:

  13. LOL :roflmfao:
  14. Congrats!

  15. I will try but it will be later tonight. I've gotta get some work done....I've been on the forum too long this afternoon.................