What a Fabulous Outfit....and it only cost....

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  1. Love that outfit ^^ especially the shoes & necklace.
  2. Love the red with the cream! Its darling!
  3. WHat a gorgeous photograph....and dress!!
  4. [​IMG]
    forever 21 vest (not even on sale, its 8.50!)
    pokemon tee (10)
    Theory skinnies (110 down to 40 bucks!)
  5. [​IMG]

    Shirt: ON, $11
    Dress: Macys $5
    leggings: F21 $8
    Shoes: BCBG $20ish, I've had them for a while, and can't remember exactly
  6. Pearli...I want a Pokemon t-shirt! I wonder if I am too old!!!!

    Purse....that may be one of the cutest, cheapest outfits EVER!!!!!
  7. Thank you =) In the "Junoir" Section at Macy*s they always have a $4.99 rack, and they usually have some cute things :tup:
  8. My greatest deal to this day was when I was working for Anthro... a customer returned a catalogue only dress. She got full money back and then the "current" price in the register was $9.95. I guess she waited a while to return it, because it was completely sold out online... this happened during Employee Appreciation, so I got an additional 30% off the sale price.

    A NWT Tracy Reese silk dress (original retail $450) for $6!!!
  9. WOW! Thats an amazing bargan =)
  10. That is an amazing bargain! Pokemon is so fun, I dont care if I look like a dork :smile:
  11. LOVE your vest! LOVE forever 21 as well! They always have the cutest stuff for cheap!!
  12. Thanks!
  13. Wow, what a great thread! So many bargain buys, it makes me want to run to the local consignment shop and see what they have! I will have to post some of my bargain outfits when I have time.
  14. For today:
    Yanuk jeans: $6 thrift store
    Back cashmere t-neck sweater: $3 Salvation Army
    Embroidered velvet coat: $50 bought in China
    jacket 001.jpg jacket 002.jpg
  15. I have a similar poncho with pink roses from China!!! the coat is fantastic!!!!:drool: