What a Fabulous Outfit....and it only cost....

  1. well i don't have any of my square shaped scarves here so i will try the scarf top later. i did however find another bargain outfit pic on my computer!

    brown shrug (gift)
    cream ruffled top $10
    yaya mauve ruffled silk skirt $25
    forever21 necklace $6
    you can't see them, but i'm wearing christian louboutins python yoyos pumps and carrying a loeffler randall target clutch $15.

    bargain outfit.JPG
  2. schadenfreude and carousel...great outfits!!!

    Momo...I love the skirt!!! And the necklace...
  3. merona dress 24.99
    h&m belt iirc under 20
    br shoes 25.
    limitd bangle 5.00
  4. ^PURRRRRRRRRRfect!! i love the shoes
  5. Loving this thread! I am a bargain shopping whore...lol! Keep up the pics ladies!

    Tall, your outfit is fab!
  6. Lovee your second outfit!:heart:
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Talldrnk..I love your dress!! You look great! Let's see some more bargains ladies!
  9. OH MY GOD! you have summer's skirt haha! im a oc addict.
  10. New outfit
    Crochet sweater coat: $35 resale shop (the buttons on this coat are so pretty!!)
    White thermal t : $4 resale shop
    Skinny jeans: $10 Ross
    Boots: $14 Buffalo Exchange
    crochet 001.jpg crochet 002.jpg crochet 003.jpg
  11. this is an awesome thread! you all have great style!!! please keep the pics coming!
  12. Wow great idea!!!! I'll have to get on it..but not until I get through this thread first;)

  13. I want your second outfit! The Pucci scarf as a shirt is pure genious:drool:
  14. I :heart: Buffalo Exchange!!! Looks like I'm not alone....

    This year I did a MAJOR closet cleaning and ended up with about $400 cash and $200 in new clothes. It's so fun!
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    VS dress on sale (40-45 usd)
    necklace for 1 euro
    sandals for 15 euro