What a Fabulous Outfit....and it only cost....

  1. Love the outfits, what a great thread, keep them coming.
  2. fun thread! here's my contribution!

    1) h&m black sweater $20
    vintage black coach purse $10
    forever 21 black quilted belt $7
    ann taylor factory black/white lace skirt $20
    nine west black/white heels $45

    2) h&m white/silver brocade jacket $30
    gap black turtleneck $15
    express skirt $10
    black tights
    manolo blahniks
    old leather tote

    3) h&m black sweater $20
    victoria secret plum babydoll (worn as a top) $10
    forever21 navy bow skirt $13
    jimmy choo pumps
    DSC05214.JPG outfits 032.jpg new pics 012.jpg
  3. ^You have such cute outfits!!! I love the second one!
  4. Awesome thread...keep these HOT photos coming..ALL of you make me wanna :faint::faint:!!!!

    No full bargain outfits for me yet, but I will post as soon as I get a good one going, plus I am in the middle of trying to LOSE WEIGHT (who isn't right?), so I can get back to wearing more of my clothes...wish me luck ladies :tup:
  5. You look GREAT! I love the last outfit- smoking!:faint:
  6. I posted this one on my blog today, but I just got this dress:



    And I love it! It was $24.99 from Gojane.com. I have it paired with magenta Miss Sixty shoes I snagged on sale for about $40 (originally $160) a few months back!
  7. Lovely and looks much more expensive hairsprayhead
  8. You both are beautiful and the bargains are lovely.
  9. Love your dress! Also love your additude in the last one!!
  10. Momo43...all of those outfits are fabulous!!! I love the pencil skirts....

    Hairsprayhead....I adore the dress, and it could be worn in so many ways!! I also have to tell you that I have seen your pics in the "outfit" thread, and am envious of your hair. It always looks so cute!!

    I do want to point out that I find it interesting in my own closet that I can wear a thrifted outfit, and then pair it with insanely expensive shoes!! Throws off the whole concept of the "bargain"!! But it also shows that the clothes aren't necessarily what's important...I have always believed that it is all in the accessories!
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    terry juicy jacket, (25) from marshalls
    hollister jeans (15) from clearance
    my new vintage speedy (225! )
    delias tank (6.50)

    I look gross so dont mind me!
  12. ^^Well you know that is the secret of the Stars. A lot of their Stylist comb Vintage" stores to put an outfit together. You all are "Beautiful Bargain Babes".
  13. Pearli...you are so cute...and so is your outfit! I love it!!! I am off to see if I have any more saved pics!!
  14. OK...first outfit:

    Halter-tailor made $8
    Crochet skirt-bought in China $20
    Chloe shoes- I cant even remember, but I bought them second hand, so probably around $50!!

    2nd outfit:
    Pucci scarf worn as shirt: $100 (not so cheap, but....)
    Alvin Valley pants: $12
    Clutch bought at Bakers: $25

    3rd outfit:
    Express sweater: $30??? a long time ago
    Yanuk jeans: $6 thrift store
    EMroidered clogs: $30 bought in China (I wish you could see the detail on these shoes...they are gorgeous!!)
    Bag: $9.99 thrift store (the softest leather!!)
    crochet.jpg SATC 002.jpg bag 001.jpg
  15. Love the scarf worn as a top, its gorgeous!