What a Fabulous Outfit....and it only cost....

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  1. I was thinking last night that with the current state of the economy, it would be fun to have a thread, where we could showcase our outfits that we feel were a bargain!! It is not a contest....just a, "Wow, what a good deal" thread. I will start, and hopefully others will chime in with their gorgeous bargains!!

    Vince cashmere v-neck sweater- $6.00 thrift store
    Skirt- $4.98 Target
    Shoes- $90.00 (not a bargain!!)
    bracelet- $5.00 Ebay

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  2. What a great idea for a thread! I love your outfit!
  3. ^^^Thanks!!! Let's hope others have bargains to share!! I will look for more in my saved photos. :smile:
  4. 1st outfit:
    Missoni scarf- $17.00 DSW shoe warehouse
    Gap sweater- $2.00 thrift store
    Wrangler jeans- $17.00 Buffalo Exchange
    Vintage boots- $5.00 Thrift store

    2nd outfit:

    Cashmere henley- $5.00 resale shop
    gray skinny jeans- $8.00 Ross
    L'Autre Chose boots- $14.00 Buffalo Exchange

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  5. I LOVE your second outfit with the henley, jeans and boots.
    Sadly I don't have a complete bargain outfit yet :P
  6. Bargain items would be OK, as well!! Thanks so much for the compliment...
  7. Wow, you are truly the bargain shopping queen! :nuts: I love your outfit with the skinny jeans, I think I'll have to see if there's a Ross in my area now!
  8. ^^^Definitely check! They have great skinny jeans, high-waisted, etc... in the juniors department. I feel like these styles are only a trend, so it is nice not to spend a lot of $$$ on something I feel will go out of style!
  9. this thread is right up my alley!!
  10. ^^^^Yay!! Can't wait to see some outfits!!!
  11. I posted this back in the summer, jeez I was tan!

    Target cardigan 11
    American Eagle skirt from Marshalls 15
    Ruffle tank from ON 3
  12. ^^hehe i have those tanks in 7 colors! I loved them!
  13. great idea for a thread!
  14. Pearli...i love the outfit...and the tan!! I have checked the teen thread...it is really fun!!!
  15. Thanks you should post! I wish i was still that tan!