What a difference one dollar makes

  1. Just wanted to share this:

    Today was my third day raising money for a cause that is very close to me...ALS. I have to tell you that I never realized what a difference a dollar made. I know people sometimes don't think to stop and give money because it is not enough or it won't make a difference but it really does. I would say only five percent of the people who passed me by gave me money and I still probably managed to collect about $75 an hour. I know that the next time someone asks me for money, I will definitely find that $1 bill (I almost always do anyway but now I will make an extra effort). I will still of course have my causes and will donate more to them but what I learned from this is that if I gave $1 a week to 52 different causes, it would only cost me $52. I can still make my bigger donations to my favored charities but may also make an impact (albeit small) on some other charities that I otherwise would not consider writing a larger check to. I don't mean to sound preachy but just wanted to share what I learned today. I guess what I also learned is that people want to help and want to give money.

    All in all a good day.
  2. interesting...I never have cash when people are collecting donations, I rarely ever have cash on me. I do donate, I just do it on my own time and with my checkbook. good story.
  3. Good post, chigirl. And it doesn't even have to be a dollar - ten cents to me would make a difference. :biggrin:

    I sold flags on only one occasion in my life nearly 40 years ago and was delighted and relieved whenever any passerby :biggrin: donated - be it ten Singapore cents or a dollar.

    Every bit counts!
  4. Chigirl, that's so nice of you to volunteer your time! Call me up when I'm in Chicago and I'll come fund-raise with you!

    You're right, every penny does count. As a kid my mom always made me send a part of my allowence to a charity of my choice. Invariably I ended up sending it to the World Wildlife Fund, but sometimes even to PETA! lol

    Cookies for you and your big heart, Chigirl!
  5. whenever I go to my church, although i do not make lots of money, I try to donate in my own way....
  6. Good for you that you collected a good amount.

    I hope you are doing well O!
  7. I gave down at Union Station:smile: I always feel guilty when I walk by in the morning but since I know they'll be there for my return trip I always make sure I'm ready to give then. I'm sure the majority of people don't give though. But I'm glad the fundraising was successful!
  8. On a non-charity related topic, I agree with you, chigirl. Our school's newspaper functions on donations and it was incredible the difference a 10 cent donation made to us.

    Although I never seem to have cash when the red cross people catch me in the car :sad:
  9. I give with money

    but also i find i give to some organizations more so by actually helping people on a one to one basis in volunteering

    ANd some methids to garnish money ie when i was in college people would come to campus to raise money for walkathons but if you've never met these ppl b4 how do you know where the money is really going to go?
  10. Wow, Bluxscape, I really hope you're fronting about owning Seiko watches and Ferregamo bags then...

    What is this about this board, everyone is BRAGGING about all their thousand-dollar bags and enormous collections, but when it comes to charity you guys are all talking TEN CENTS and PENNIES making a difference?

    Jesus, this is like my mom, she's all about 'saving the stray neighborhood cats,' where she takes them in and feeds them, making a big deal about animal welfare, and yet she has a whole closet of huge fur coats.

  11. i donate to charity, and i would never, ever advocate not donating, but if you live in a big city, you know what it's like to be constantly asked for money, and if you gave a dollar to everyone who asked you, you'd have nothing.

    it works both ways.
  12. Good for you chigirl... I should be better about donating. Thanks. This was definately a good reminder. :smile:
  13. So what then, its only admirable if you give ALL of your money to charity, and live a poor life because of it?
    You must be a martyr otherwise its hypocritical??

    You are also a part of the purse forum, so does that mean that you do not give to charity because you buy expensive purses? I don't understand the logic.

  14. Who said anything about giving all of your money to charity, or living a life of poverty? Where did you even come up with that based on my post?

    I'm not advocating NOT buying bags. What I'm pointing out is how people can brag about their more-than-luxurious purchases, running ino the tens of thousands of dollars, but then 'don't seem to have their checkbook handy' when it comes to shelling out A DOLLAR. And then making this absurd statement about how a DIME makes a difference?

    And then some people are turning around and actually QUESTIONING Angelina Jolie's motives for selling her baby photos and giving the proceeds to UNICEF?

    Look, this forum is all about showing off your VERY EXPENSIVE bag collections, so it's quite unnerving to watch people plead poverty or make ridiculous claims about the value of a DIME when they are making almost patronizing replies to ChiGirl's charity work after what amounts to publically opening their wallets to show off how much money they have.

    I mean come on, it almost justifies that moron AntiLV's arguments.

    I know this doesn't apply to all of you, and I'm not making a generalization here. But if you're going to brag about your numerous $5000 Seiko watches, or have time to stand in a mirror to photograph yourself with all of your bags and post it here, then don't expect to escape scrutiny when you post about how BROKE you all of a sudden claim to be, or waffle about the time you don't have to devote to charity.

    {end rant}

    I mean ok, I could say to start a collection right here, right now for a charity... but of course that wouldn't be proper, because it's the equivalent of a bum who stands by the ATM when people are withdrawing money.

    Plus who is going to agree on one particular charity to give to anyway. The point is, everyone has their own personal modus operandi of doing something.
    Just do it in your own way. Whether it's money or time.
    But please realize the absurdity of your statement given the context you are currently in. This isn't a "Franciscan Monks" forum, in case you didn't notice, it's the PURSE forum.
  15. I completely understand and agree with what you're saying.