What a difference looking at them in person makes! :) City/Work/Day?

  1. I've been debating between a Day with GGH and a Part Time with GGH. I finally checked out all the pretty bags today in person to try on. It makes such a difference to try them out against your own body!

    I didn't love the PT on me as I did on other people. It looked too short on me. I wish it were a little bit deeper. I was so surprised. It seemed perfect on me judging by photos, but it didn't look so nice on me. So that's out.

    Next I tried the Day bag. I decided that I don't like the giant hardware on it while I was carrying it. I was really missing the tassels, and I felt the hardware was too refined with the shape. So if I were to get the Day, I'd want the regular one.

    The saleswoman was so nice in trying to help me decide. I tend to dress casually every day. I felt like such a slob today, though, because I had just come from a long day helping someone move, and I was wearing this wrinkly blouse and jeans while the saleslady was so chic in tall black boots and cashmere! I told her to model the bags for me after me because I felt I looked so icky next to her, haha.

    Anyway, I tend to dress casually every day, and I thought before going to the store that I'd prefer the Day since it fits my lifestyle. But I felt even SLOPPIER with the Day on, in a sense. Given my casual wear, I began to feel BETTER as I modeled the City or Work with giant hardware in the mirror. The City and Work, given the structure and hardware, kind of refined my slobby self, LOL...does that make sense? The SA agreed, saying the City looked more ladylike on me. I'm thinking maybe I should get the regular Day in the future and get the more expensive gold hardware bag now.

    Does anyone think or not think I should go for the City or Work? I initially didn't like the City, but as I tried it on, I began to like it more. It did seem a tad short in terms of width. I kind of wish it had the length of the Part Time while retaining its depth. Any suggestions? Would I be better off with the Work, then? But is the Work too slouchy? I tried on the Work while it was fully stuffed, so I'm not sure how it'd be on me with my actual things in it. What I'd like is a more refined, structure bag. I carry a medium amount, but I do like the option to carry quite a bit. I carry a clutch wallet, sunglasses case or two, bottle of water, a magazine or book, makeup bag, phone, iPod, a small notebook.

    (Err...I'm 5'4" also trying to lose a little weight from the holidays, and it sounds dumb but I feel bigger bags look better on me right now).

    Phew, this was long, sorry. It's so hard to make a choice. I wish I could get them all. :drool: Thanks for any suggestions! :wlae:

    Pics of the proportion/look I like on other people:
    balturq05work.jpg P100338.jpg 6styqfp.jpg PA170005.jpg
  2. I vote for the GH city! You said it makes you feel prettier and more refined, and if you're spending 1k+ on a bag, it better damn right make you feel gorgeous!! Good luck!!
  3. Have you tried the Brief or the Step? The Step is pretty structured on the bottom! I have tried the Step and liked it, but haven't tried the Brief as it was too big for me. I'm almost 5'6 and I really like the City and First.
    I also like the GH but it's a bit heavy so I haven't gotten one yet.
  4. I saw them in the store. Didn't try them on. Neither seemed my style, though. :smile:
  5. OK, so maybe the City with GH? let us know which you decide on:love:
  6. my opinion is... WORK... coz it's more roomie.. hehe, sorry I love big bag..
  7. it seems like the work would be perfect for you! with all the stuff you put into your bags it might be too much for the city and it seems like your leaning more towards the work because you like bigger bags. You also need to consider that the work fits comfortably on the shoulder, but the city doesn't fit that well on the shoulder(unless you have super tiny arms). So if pretty much depends on your personal preference.. are you looking for a medium size bag to fit in the crook of your arm or hand held if you are go with the city, but if your looking for a bigger bag that will fit on your shoulders and hold a bunch of stuff i would go for the work.. HTH
  8. I had the same dillema from the pictures and went to try the bags myself.
    I went with the GH city.

    The work was way too big for me, the bag was overpowering.
    Also, I loved the look of the work bag with giant hardware, but it was heavy.
    The city does fit quite a bit.. and is still heavy, but I love how it's an easy bag to carry.
  9. It sounds like you like the City, so I would go with what you feel most comfortable with. I carry about the same amount of stuff that you do, except the water bottle and magazine, and I can fit everything in my Cities with a little room to spare. I only carry a magazine/book on the weekends when I go out with DH & DS's and couldn't justify buying it if I wasn't using it daily. I saw a Work IRL and wasn't able to try it on my shoulders because it was stuffed with tissue paper but that could be a good option esp., with the water bottle and magazine/book. I'm not really helping am I?:shame:
  10. GH work!!
  11. Those bags are all work-sized bags. So if you like that proportion you should go for the GH work. Fayden, whose modeling pic is posted above (she has a gorgey :drool::drool: violet SGH work) is petite and looks fabulous with the work!
  12. My first bag was a City and I ordered it without trying it on first and when I first saw it, I thought it would be too small as I carry pretty large bags, but after I tried it on and loaded my essentials in it, I loved it -it looks great, is easy to get in and out of and holds a ton without looking stuffed. I have a large zip wallet, a makeup bag (not a small one either), card case, cell in case, Blackberry, Sunglasses, paperback book, keys, some papers and Kleenex packet in it and it fits easily. Another bag to consider (not to make this even harder) - the RTT - I tried that on in NY and it fits nicely on the shoulder, has a ton of room and I like the shape. It's shaped sort of like the Brief and Step but is larger with a wide opening so getting a laptop in would be no problem at all.
  13. I think the Work would be best for you also. When I looked at all the pictures you posted of the look/proportion you like, my first thought was, "Oh, a City is going to be too small for her if that's the look she wants." If you're also having doubts about fitting your stuff in it and feel you look better with a bigger bag, I would definitely go for a Work over a City.
  14. Well it seems like everyone here is pretty divided. I will have to put my vote in for a City. I think that it is a great first purchase. Originally I though the City size would be too small for me as well, but it turned out to be roomy enough. Also, I like how bigger bags look on me too, so I totally know what you mean by that. I'm really paranoid about carrying a too-small-for-me bag. Try them on one more time (in your regular clothes) just to be sure, but I think that City will look good on you. If you try again and you just aren't feeling it, go for the Work.
  15. well, all the pics you posted are works, so it seems like your eye is naturally drawn to this proportion. I say go for the work! However, part of the beauty of balenciaga is the gorgeous, smooshy, slouchy leather. So it might not be the best designer if you want a structured, refined bag. Balenciaga leather does become softer, less structured, and slouchier with use- it's part of the beauty of bal!! If you stick around the forum and bal long enough, I bet you'll find yourself craving slouchy, smooshy leather. :graucho: Good luck!