What a difference a good SA makes!

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  1. I know there has been some really poor service out there lately, but I have to say I got the best service yesterday. I was in NM, and went by the LV counter, I had the azur mini pouchette on hold...The SA there is really nice and I have used her a couple of times, couldn't believe they had the fraimbose cles....hadn't seen one in while, 1 last book, so I snapped those up and the azur mini pochette....the gal was so amazing and we chatted about upcoming lines hard to find pieces, etc. I had my cerise lizard with me. I added my name to her mirror waitlist, just in case, even though I am on another ;) I asked her about a groom bandeau and she said she didn't have one, but a shipment just came in and she hadn't had time to unpack it all, but would call me....I went off to lunch...she called, no groom bandeau (I got it later at VF tho), but she had something else she thought I would love...yep...the icon mini.

    Then off I went to Valley Fair to get the blue towel I had on hold, neither of the gals I normally work with were in....but the guy who helped was great. The store was packed! Waundered around a minute, noticed the security guard point me out (that was so nice of him! I always say hi to him), the rep got my towel, we compared it to my antigua (which I brought) and just basically giggled and gossiped and played and tried different bags and shoes for almost an hour. I never felt rushed. He was so amazing and gave me so much good info, I am going to write a note to the manager.
  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day!
    It does make all the difference in the world not to be rushed and to really enjoy the experience itself.
    I have to say I love the way all the shades and textures of blue work together with all your new pieces.
    This is one of the reasons I love LV so much. There are so many different ways for us diehard fans to put things together. Other designer lines don't offer the wide range of accessories that LV does (IMHO :smile:
    I find mixing and matching and "playing" like you did in the store one of the most fun parts of the LV experience.
    Thanks for sharing and I want to hear about new things you got scoop on....:yes:
  3. you def had a fun day yesterday! I'm so happy for you and all your goodies! maybe we'll run into each other at SF on the 10th?!:yes:
  4. I'm glad to hear that you're getting good customer service! :biggrin:
  5. I purchased my first LV (this past week actually:yahoo:) from the VF store. I received good service, too. Congrats on your lovely new LV's!
  6. Some of this might be old hat to you, but I didn't know any of it ;)

    I made 1 post about the mirrior speedy (it's called a 30, but is actually the size of the 35), the material is vinyl and pretty thick!

    I learned that icon minis were NM exclusives, but right before Christmas, they might release them in the reg stores.

    I learned each store has a wait list specialist, who is in charge of the waitlist!
    I was excited to learn one of the gals I regularly work with is she! :graucho:

    It is inventory time at LV, no store transfers until next week.

    I will post more, as they come back to me.
  7. I love the idea of writing a note to the manager. They probably only hear and read complaints, so a compliment will be appreciated by the mgr. and the SA so much. Way to give back!:flowers:
  8. Nice to hear that! I hate hearing stories of SA's being rude...it makes me mad!!:cursing:
  9. Glad that you have a wonderful experience.:yes: Thank you for the inside information.:flowers:
  10. Excellent that you posted a good experience!
  11. So glad u had a lovely time today - at 2 different boutiques yet! Thanks for sharing! It's definitely fantastic when even though the store's packed, u still get undivided attention...this is what all LV stores should be like! I agree, sending a letter sounds like a great idea...everyone loves to be appreciated...that way, they get motivated too..
  12. Doesn't that just make you feel great? I wish every shopping experience would go like yours did. LV should always be a happy place. What a great day you had!
  13. What a wonderful experience!
  14. What an amazing experience :nuts:
    Congrats for your mini speedy icon collector bag [​IMG]
  15. Really restores your faith in SA's. They can be true gems!