WHAT a deal! The "I would splurge if I could" thread

  1. Hoping it may catch on, I'm starting this thread for those of us who like to look, see a great deal (below retail, on eBay, Bluefly, Overstock, elsewhere), who would like to get trigger happy, but rather than pressing the "Purchase" button you can post it in here for others to find the amazing deal you wish you could splurge on but for whatever reason are holding out.

    For eBay items, please only post those you are sure are authentic.

    I'll start:

    Bluefly has the Matte & Shine for 20% off
  2. Just noticed the matte and shine bag is showing 30% off at NAP; price there is 2576 USD. They also have this for 476:
  3. Wowzers. Thanks for this info!
  4. This black intrecciato bag w/ croc trim and croc strap from JOMASHOP.com, similar to the Milano ostrich bag. W/ jburgh's 30% off coupon is ONLY $3160 (retail price is $6450) and tax free if you live outside of NY.
  5. Bunkie, I've been eyeing that bag too.

  6. I have been eyeing this bag too on net-a-porter. Haven't pulled the trigger yet, bu it they further reduce it :graucho:
  7. I'm trigger happy but not quite up to that caliber yet lol
  8. Ooooh - somebody has to get that limo Sloane from Overstock!!! Somebody? Anybody? Where is everyone? It is sooooooo quite here right now... But what an awesome deal on the Sloane!!
  9. Well, looks like someone did snap up the limo Sloane as it is out of stock now. Hope it was someone here (if there is anyone here right now?!)
  10. hee hee, I saw that limo Sloane this morning and thought "if only we had a 'post your great deals here' thread in the BV forum" and lo and behold Bunkie's made the thread AND posted the item AND someone's already bought it.
  11. bvnet.jpg
  12. Oh great, the Supreme enabling thread, lol!