What a day!!!

  1. Since I have decided that accessories don't count as part of my ban, I went back to LV for more accessories:yahoo:. I got the perl cles, pomme wallet and sweet flower bandeau from LV....just when I thought I was done with shopping for the week, I spotted a lovely cashmere scarf from Burberry. I couldn't resist its softness so I purchased that as well. Then as I was browsing at Saks, the Dior Jadore perfume got my attention (I have been meaning to get that) and the SA told me I would get a free limited gift for $75 purchase, I was a little undecisive until the SA told me they have the DIOR Summer Dice Lip Gloss that I have been wanting, so....*what the heck*....I got both and the free gift. I was on a roll and that was a lot of fun. So, after a "hard" shopping day, I would like to share these with you all.
    More pics coming up!!!
    DSC00239.JPG DSC00250.JPG DSC00251.JPG DSC00246.JPG
  2. congrats luv the wallet
  3. great items, congrats!
  4. Here are the other non-LV goodies. What do you guys think about the dior lip gloss dice hanging as a charm on the speedy? yay? or nahhh?
    DSC00253.JPG DSC00257.JPG DSC00258.JPG
  5. Congrats!! Love all the goodies..the scarf is so pretty!!

    Wish Holts here has that same Burberry scarf in stock!
  6. i prefer it with only sweet flower bandeau
  7. Congrats on ur purchases. THe dior thing is cute, pimps up ur speedy v. well.
  8. Cool new stuff! Congrats! :smile:
  9. Congrats! All of your accessories are SO pretty! I'm especially loving the LV scarf!
  10. yay Yay YAY!!!.. :tup::tup::tup:
  11. Wow!! They gave the Dior dice lipgloss as GWP? Where did you shop? (I am a Dior (and Chanel) makeup fanatic)

    BTW, congrats! On so many awesome goodies.

    I think the bandeau AND the dice together at the same time is a bit much. Try just either bandeau or dice.
  12. Very very sweet. I may need the bandeau for the azur speedy. So nice!
  13. congrats !
  14. Luv your accessories!
  15. Awesome haul congrats!