What A Day

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  1. I was having contractions today and went to the hospital, after about 4 hours of irregular contractions, I got sent home. No baby yet, which is good cause I still have about a week until the baby is considered full term. ... anyway, I was bummed when I got home. I was excited, I thought I was going to meet my son today... then there on my bed waiting for me was a package!!!

    Thanks socprof!!!! I love my new Pirata BV!!! If my baby boy isn't here by Fri. i'm taking my other baby (the purse) with me to Watch Pirates!!!!

    ... and now, back to bed rest!
  2. ooo.. what a crazy day! :O

    congrats on getting your pirata BV in though! i FINALLY broke mine out 2-3 days ago :]! and that sounds like a neat idea of you using your 'new other bay' when you go see pirates!
  3. I always feel better about almost anything if I find a new Toki bag when I get home. They just wipe away the junk you went though, and you spend your time looking over every inch of it to see every little aspect. On a pirata there is sooo much to look at too!!
  4. aww! are you going to dress him in tokidoki onesies??!! i so want to see someone with a child in one of those.
    tokidoki fixes everything. like chocolate.
  5. Ack! Stay in there for a couple more days, baby!

    You've almost graduated to the outside world, and then you can :party:!
  6. MamaxJam.. i can't believe how fast time is flying.. !
    Congrats on your BV.. and your soon little boy! =)
  7. Awww so anxious to get out into the world already! :smile:

    I know how you feel about the package.. It just brightens up my day whenever I see that I got something toki in the mail :love:
  8. aw I am so happy it came today!!!
    I told you stickers!


    The bag will appreciate the date to the movie if your son isn't ready to go out yet ;)
  9. Oh, congrats MamaxJam on ur soon to come baby boy!
  10. Haha, I am taking my Pirata Zucca to see Pirates 3 tomorrow!
  11. Hahaha my daughter saw the stickers and went wild! I had to carefully peel each one off and stick them on her! She was a sticker monster:lol:
  12. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! When he does finally get to come out into this world, i'll be sure to post pictures of him in his Toki onesies!
  13. Whooo I can't wait to see a toki baby. LOL.
  14. oooooh definitely cant wait :biggrin:
  15. congratz on ur pirata bv and ur toki baby boy! cant wait for the pics :yes: