What a day! (Vent needed)

  1. Woke up this morning, turned on the news took one look at TV and noticed something familiar about the shots. Turns out that less than a half block away, a psychologist had been murdered in her office by a man with a meat clever. Scary and horrible, because they didn't catch the guy. Poor woman This made AP new wires, so it was all over.. After that I had to pick my way through a giant snow cone in the pouring rain. All the cops and police were out. Made it to work, had a crazy lunatic screaming at me about some stupidiy instead of discussing something. like an adult, had to stay late at work, Was walkng from the subway and then noticed all the firemen, Another block from me there was a fire. it took a restaurant and a couple of apartments. Someone was hurt. I hurt horribly. I felt for the woman who would never see her friends and loved ones and who went to work yesterday not knowing that she would ever see them again. I felt for the people who went off to work, only to find at day's end their homes were destroyed. Then I had fight (disagreement) with the s.o. What a day! I am glad it is over. (it could have been worse .I could have been one of the victims.) thanks for the space to rant.
  2. Hope tomorrow is a much much better day!
  3. Good heavens! You poor thing! It's a lot to witness in one day and it's hard when it is so close to you. It always makes us look at our own life differently, and that's probably the reason for the spat with your SO.

    Get a good night's sleep, say a prayer or two and know that somewhere your compassion is appreciated. It's good that we still feel when things like this happen, it helps to keep us human so that we don't become complacent and accepting.:flowers:
  4. Days like that make me appreciate the good things in my life, family, friends. Hope today is better for you!:smile: