What a day! 3 awesome announcements and the ultimate Hermes in the wild sighting!

  1. I :heart: my Fridays enough...because I get to leave early (it's soooo worth it to put in the extra hours earlier in the week). The last 3 Fridays, however, weren't so wonderful. I went home sick last Friday, then the Friday before that, I ended up staying at work late, then the Friday before that, I missed an important flight...anyway...I decided this Friday would be wonderful.

    The first wonderful thing that happened was that I got paid today-and my check was my biggest one yet (I just switched jobs, and I was rewarded for all those extra hours!). Then when I checked my vm, I got an announcement that my Feb. podium order had arrived! It'll be here by next Thurs., maybe sooner:yahoo: The next message on my vm stated that my local H store would be having a sale next week:yahoo:

    Then, I ran a few errands, grabbed some lunch, and decided to do some shopping...I was about to walk into Barneys in BH, when I saw a paparazzi frenzy outside. I knew a celeb was in there, but no idea who. I thought the store was closed, but then a security guard waved me in. I was just looking for shoes and clothes on sale (I hardly pay full price for anything not H anymore), and I asked a shoes SA what was going on, and she said a huge celeb was in the building (I'll reveal her in a sec).

    I didn't see any shoes on sale, so I headed upstairs to look at RTW. As I made my way up the windy staircase that connects the 1st and 2nd floors, there she was...in the flesh...Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham! She was carrying her fuchsia ostrich Birkin! She looked just as she always does in her paparazzi photos. I wish I could post a photo to show you guys, but it wasn't allowed in Barneys, plus she sure didn't want to be bothered. Not that I feel sorry for her or anything, but for a sec, I thought, "Gee how annoying to have, literally, a couple hundred people staring at you, watching your every move!"

    So that was my day:yes:
  2. Great news and great sighting!
  3. :drool:Yeah! Posh with her fuchsia ostrich birkin. Ouch!!!:yahoo:
  4. She was literally, for a brief moment, like 6-8 inches away from me!
  5. Congratulations on all the good news!

  6. You really did have a great day! I guess that made up for not having the last three Fridays go so well!

    And seeing VB!!!!!! With her fuschia ostrich no less!!! OMG
  7. She looks so tiny in all the photos. Great news about your order. Can't wait to see the pics.
  8. Yea yea Princess - what a way to head into the weekend! :party:

    Congrats on your PO!
  9. WOW!!! Thats a lot of great stuff to pack in one day!!!!
    Congratulations all round Prin!!!
  10. Great story, pr1nc355! Congrats on your career successes, podium order, and seeing the poster woman for Hermes bags, Victoria Beckham in person! Her fuchsia ostrich Birkin is beautiful. I wonder what goodies VB purchased? ;)
  11. WOW! What a Friday! Does VB look as good as she does in pics? CONGRATS on the new job as well. Oh do you know that Barney's is having their semi-annual warehouse sale right now?

    I think your local H is the same as my local H (if it is in BH). Do you mind sharing the dates of the sale? PM me please...TIA!
  12. :yahoo:I'm so excited for you!!!!!
  13. What a fun day...and congrats on that order coming in, :tup:!
  14. Ok, that is so cool! Congrats all around!
  15. what a crazy exciting day!! WOW!!!
    Congratulations on your PO!! :yahoo::yahoo: