What a creep and a liar! UGH!

  1. So~ even though this seller on eBay has listed this bag at a sky high price I asked her if her pictures were stock photo's and could I see more pictures of the actual bag if they were. I told her I needed to see the actual bag b/c the leather variations differ and it was important for me to see the exact bag I would be receiving if I were to buy it. So she replies that the pictures are the actual photo's of the bag.

    Here it is~
    eBay: BALENCIAGA THE WORK HANDBAG PURSE TOTE (item 280049253238 end time Dec-14-06 07:49:19 PST)

    Then I just read sngo's thread and found this site and guess what! SAME photo's (only difference is the price as far as I'm concerned)! Have a look~

    BALENCIAGA - The Work (lilla) - diabro.net

    I am so mad and upset b/c let's say I bought it~ and I paid all that molah and the bag is most likely not the one pictured on her listing? It could be any one of us! I really hate the fact that she lied big time! (I have been on the hunt for the perfect Lilac Work)

    What are your thoughts? I am disgusted!:yucky:
  2. zacorey, that is just rude and wrong! do you think the seller is associated with that website though?
  3. I don't know! If she is I will forgive her~ good question!

    I am just mad b/c if she isn't sffiliated with this website then she used their photo's and lied to me.
  4. Well~ it says that Diabro is in Japan and on her eBay listing it says she is in Florida~ so I don't think they are connected?
  5. ^yeah, i just tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but i've always been a bit suspicious of her auctions. i don't really have a good reason, just a gut feeling. anyone that sells alot of high-end stuff that is unused in high volume raises my red flag initially.
  6. You should so call her out on it...
  7. ^Thanks Jen for responding! I will definitely stay far away from her auctions!
  8. I know! I should send her the link!
  9. Right!!! I emailed her and asked her to take a pic of the bag with today date beside it and told her those pictures look like the one on that website and sent her the linlk. :roflmfao:
  10. Way to go Powder!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if she'll respond!!!! Please let me know!!!!!!
  11. ^go, powder!!! please post her/his response for us. i'd like to see how s/he tries to weasel out of it!
  12. Easy on the language.
  13. FX~ you are too funny!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
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